New Year Interior Accessory Trends 2021

Last month we looked at some of our latest brands supplying us with trendy, contemporary furniture pieces. Today we are exploring home accessories and homewares that we have brought in to our collections at RB12, Shoreditch. 

Your home furnishings are the details that make your home your own. They are the finishing touches that help you add personality and show your taste and style. After the main event of choosing your furniture, you can then think about the smaller elements that finish off a space, give it depth and make it feel homely. 


One of the first elements of home accessories to consider is your lighting. Lighting can be used in different ways; Practically, to light up your entire space. An accent, to highlight certain features in your space. Or as a stand-out feature in itself, illuminating sculptures becoming the centrepiece in your room. 

If you’re looking for the latter, Haberdashery is an award-winning design studio we have partnered with who specialise in a particularly artistic approach when it comes to lighting, and we are proud to have their stunning products in-store. Their luxury collections transform surroundings using both sculpture and light, and their products emulate a genuine love, care and unrivalled attention to detail. 

One of their other-worldly designs is the Introvert Extrovert suspended glass pendant lighting design. It consists of two connected yet independently lit glass disks. The smaller disk rotates freely and is illuminated by a solid white light. The larger disk projects its light outwards, radiating a tinted glow in blushes of pinks and orange. These lights can be dimmed and tweaked to create the perfect balance. Available in a range of sizes and drop heights, this piece could work as a stand-alone piece or would look stunning as a cluster of hanging pendants.

Aromas Del Campo is another lighting brand to join our family of collections. They are an innovative manufacturer that create a broad range of lighting solutions, with a focus on modern design and avant-garde aesthetics. 

From their latest collection, they have brought out the Lind table lamp designed by Agus Gascón. This is an unconventional design as it is a battery-powered lamp, allowing you to move the light at your convenience. The sleek, cylindrical design would fit into many different spaces and makes for a very versatile product. The internal, rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours and can be set at different intensities of light using the dimming button on the side. All of this makes for an unusual piece that comes in a range of finishes to fit your personal style. 

For a more natural effect, you could look at the lighting designs by new supplier Gommaire. Gommaire’s signature designs are beautiful glassware pieces and handwoven baskets, emphasising their belief in organic living. Bringing out a series of hanging lamps, table and wall lamps they use naturalistic shapes and materials for a modern yet grounded finish. 

At RB12 we especially love the Henry pendant lamp which comes in three different sizes. Made from rope jute which is a beautiful natural fibre and is extremely environmentally-friendly. The fibres let the light trickle through, making for a pleasant, muted light – perfect for a relaxed, cosy space.


Mother-nature and the natural world is a reoccurring trend and inspiration we see across interior spaces year on year. With this in mind, we have brought on an exciting new supplier Silk-ka who create heavenly silk flowers to be arranged in your home. These imitation flowers and plants are handmade to the highest quality and as with real plants their collections change with the seasons, enabling you to change your household arrangements as you would throughout the year. 

Pictured above are examples of the Spring/Summer 20 and Autumn/Winter 20 collections and the different varieties of classic cut flowers, woody architectural stems and grass options to create distinct, original arrangements. All without the worry of them dying off and having to keep up with a care routine. Silk-ka also has a great selection of faux trees and houseplants, everything you need to create an all-year-round jungle paradise in your home. It’s hard to tell the difference between these imitation plants to the real thing, making guests wonder how you ever keep your plants so fresh and healthy-looking!  

Linens & Soft Furnishings

Little details make all the difference in creating a space that is comfortable and finished. Your soft furnishings such as bed linens, tablecloths, cushions and throws all help towards this effect.

Lucio Verso is a new supplier that creates accessories such as these that are designed especially to make you feel comfortable. Their aprons, tablecloths and bedlinen redefine style by not compromising on comfort and quality. 

At RB12, we’re obsessed with the Marvin linen duvet cover and pillows in mauve taupe. This stonewashed effect with button detailing is just pure luxury. It is ethically made in Europe and is available in a range of sizes from single to super king. Going beyond the look and feel, linen is temperature regulating, anti-static, anti-bacterial and acts as a natural insulator, making it absolutely perfect for bedding. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter – what more could you want!

For the ultimate luxury in bedding take a look at the linen Siesta mattress topper from Lo de Manuela, which comes in a vast range of colours and has an invisible zipper. Made from washed linen this sumptuous topper weighs 180g/㎡ ensuring great quality. The washing and dyeing treatment the piece goes through provides softness and comfort and is stuffed with a duck feather filling. 

Lo de Manuela also supplies exquisite tableware and linens for both the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. The company founder, Manuela, has travelled the globe in search of textures, colours and moments that are then reflected in her decorative and elegant pieces.


We’ve brought in contemporary design studio Kit Miles Studio to elevate our current fabric, wallcovering and cushion offering. They are a studio known for craftsmanship, repeat pattern work and surprising and exciting use of colour. Through us, you will be able to choose from their range of eye-popping and original wallpapers and fabrics as well as a selection of unique cushions. 

His latest cushion collections are quite a statement. The bold designs are colourful and often made from exquisite silks, cotton and velvet adding a touch of sophistication and luxury. You can see he takes his inspiration from the natural world but also with abstract shapes and forms so there is a design for everyone’s tastes. 

At the moment, the best way to explore the extensive collection of homewares and accessories is our online shop here. However, we do have a large showroom that will hold an array of products which you will be able to see for yourselves once the situation allows. If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to get in contact with the RB12 team. You can contact us here or give us a call on +44 (0) 207 1352246.

Written by: Kate Nannery

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