Why is good quality furniture expensive and is it worth it?

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  1. Why is it important to invest in high-end furniture? 
  2. Why is good quality furniture expensive? 
  3. What high-end furniture should I invest in?
  4. High-end furniture at RB12.

When furnishing your home, investing in high-end furniture will allow you to create your own unique space where you feel truly comfortable. The furniture landscape has changed immensely over the past few decades, and 2022 has certainly made everyone think about how they invest their money into something with longevity.

Why it is important to invest in high-end furniture

The furniture industry has now emerged from the era of flat pack furniture pieces and evolved. Recently, there has been a huge shift in how we shop for home furnishings as consumers have realised the power of investing in high-end furniture. 

grey sofa in a minimalist lounge

Buyers now value paying more for quality pieces to take pride of place in their home for years. High-end furniture is made to a higher quality, made in limited quantities, and, often, with more sustainable materials. 

However, is high-end furniture worth the investment? Let’s explore why good quality furniture is expensive and the importance of luxury furniture. 

Why is good quality furniture expensive? 

A bed with a side table in a bright bedroom

Many factors come into play when creating and designing high-end furniture. Good quality furniture is usually expensive because every minute detail is perfected per piece. There are many variables to consider, from the very first sketch and outline to the types of materials used and how they’re sustainably sourced. 

At RB12, we’re delighted to be able to guide you through each aspect involved in this process as we work closely with the world’s most renowned furniture design houses. 

High-end furniture is expensive because it is often handmade

Costs of high-end furniture will vary depending on materials and the manufacturing process. Unless a furniture designer specifies that they’re using the latest technology – such as 3D printing and digital cutting – when creating a piece, it’s more often than not handmade and hand-finished.

Due to being made by hand, high-end furniture pieces are made in small batches and limited quantities. What’s more, each piece will tell a story. 

Crafting furniture by hand takes expertise, skill, and a vast amount of time. When you factor in the cost of materials, craftsmanship, and the experience of the artisans building and upholstering by hand, the price rises rapidly.

A circular woven rug

For example, Armadillo specialises in the heritage of craftsmanship. Armadillo rugs are created, spun, woven, and dyed by hand in India to preserve the traditional rug-making techniques unique to the area. Fairtrade practices are observed and implemented to pay fair wages while ensuring no forced labour. 

Design houses will often invest in the local communities where their furniture is made, and Armadillo is no exception. 

Their Armadillo Foundation supports the local community around the artisan furniture makers, with money being put towards solar panels, education, medical facilities, and the necessities needed in daily life. 

High-end furniture is made to be sustainable

After the COP26 and the elevated awareness about climate change, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. 

From where materials are sourced to whether they can be recycled, investing in high-end furniture will ensure transparency in the manufacturing process. Luxury furniture designers often invest in sustainably sourced materials certified by the appropriate organisations and governing bodies to ensure their origins. 

High-end designers take care to incorporate sustainably sourced natural materials into their furniture.  Wood, for example, can be sourced sustainably in small batches from controlled forests and can be recycled in the future. 

Many furniture designers use solid wood from forest plantations certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), dedicated to sustainable forest management. 
Our trio of Italian designers from The Battistella Company has really innovated a sustainable approach to sourcing wood with an ‘upcycling’ stance.  Cinquant by Cinquanta3, Nidi and Novamobili belong under the Battistella Company umbrella, and these luxury Italian furniture designers only use recycled wood. Each dining table, chair, and side table made by Cinquanta3, Nidi and Novamobili is created from sustainable, recycled wood without the felling of trees!

Leather is also a huge issue in the furniture industry. Real leather is easier to maintain and care for at home. Unfortunately, cheap, mass-produced leather goods are often coated in dangerous chemicals for manufacturers and artisans. 

As well as sustainable materials, high-end furniture is usually created without harmful chemicals. Bolia takes great care to craft the highest quality furniture without harming the environment or the craftsman dedicated to creating each beautiful piece. All of the materials used, such as leather, are OEKO-tech certified and transparently sourced to trace their origins easily. 

High-end furniture is limited edition and unique

High-end furniture is often made in small batches and of better quality, plus they’re also originals. Handmade and artisan products are each crafted to be unique. No piece is the same, so you know you’re buying limited edition furniture that no one else has. 

Investing in luxury furniture pieces that you can enjoy for years to come is ultimately greener and better for the planet. Even contemporary innovations like modular furniture can be created sustainably. Modular creations by Cinquanta3 are not only made of sustainable materials like recycled wood but can also be customised to suit your space and storage needs. 

What high-end furniture should I invest in? 

When investing in high-end furniture, it’s vital to carefully choose the key pieces you need at home. Essentials at the heart of home life will be a perfect start, so let’s discover the main high-end furniture trends and staples you should consider.


a white sofa in a grey living room

The sofa takes centre stage in the living room, from family movie nights to lazy Saturday mornings and a catch-up coffee with friends. This vital furnishing completes the living space and should be made to the highest quality standards to keep you comfortable for years to come. 
We highly recommend Bolia sofas as they use natural materials like New Zealand sheep wool that is sustainably sourced with animal welfare considerations. Notably, Bolia’s ‘Bergo’ fabric is also made from recycled plastic bottles manufactured without heavy metals.


a white room with a bed and blue bed covers

A good night’s sleep is essential so you can feel at your best during the day. Beds, on average, should last between 7 to 10 years, so it’s important to choose a sustainable option that you can recycle after use. With beds by Novamobili and Cinquanta3, you won’t lose sleep over your carbon footprint. These Italian powerhouses use recycled wood that’s free from harsh chemicals. 

Dining tables 

a dining room table

Dining sets are a necessary investment for generations. It’s the headquarters of all family discussions, board game nights, and holiday dinners, so it needs to hold up well. Miniforms tables are modern and sustainable without losing that rustic charm. Each table is crafted sustainably using oak from reforested areas. While Expormim’s bold dining chairs will complement any table as they are made from eco-friendly rattan.

Work desks

a modern desk

With the rise of remote and home working during the covid-19 pandemic, the home office has become a necessity. A quality desk with careful storage consideration is ideal for setting up your working day when you’re out of the office. We highly recommend Miniforms furniture for desks with a minimalist approach to design with maximum sustainability using recycled materials.

Wardrobes and storage units

Wardrobe and storage units not only look sleek, but they also keep all your belongings organised and clutter-free. Cinquanta3 walk-in wardrobe designs are open to being customised to fit your space. Each piece is curated with recycled wood and made to the highest quality. 

Novamobili is also another option for a green manufacturing process. Each piece of furniture is coated with a matte water-based lacquer, while the brand as a whole uses environmentally compatible materials.


beautiful floorboars with a red rug and sun streaming through the window of a white room

A rug will make a statement in your lounge or hallway. Not only are they decorative, but rugs and runners also help to break up an open plan living area and can keep the heat in your home. Each Gan design is as unique as the story behind its manufacturing process. Each Gan rug is sustainably handmade with natural materials like wool and jute for better insulation. What’s more, Gan is devoted to supporting the local communities of the artisans who make these stunning rugs. 

High-end furniture at RB12

We’re extremely proud to bring you high-end furniture that’s sustainable. Our work with the best design houses, artisans, and furniture designers ensures that your home is made to reflect your style as well as your ethics.

Discover luxurious high-end furniture here and invest in sustainable furnishings available at RB12 online.

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