Living Room Storage Ideas

Are you really making the best of your living space? 

With the use of our living room storage solutions here at RB12, we think that every living room could be given a revamp, upgrade or declutter that will transform it from an ordinary space into an extraordinary one that the whole family can enjoy.

Our living room storage available pushes the typical storage styles to provide top-quality, contemporary-style living room storage that will enhance every interior decor. 

Let’s explore your options for family storage ideas that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Install Shelves

Shelves are a great way to add extra storage to your living room. Utilising wall space instead of adding excess clutter to the floor, shelves provide you with more storage space without oversaturating your living space furniture. 

Whether you opt for floating shelves, floor-standing bookshelves or any of our other styles, we guarantee you’ll be provided with functional storage space that adds a flair to your decor. Ideal for storing a range of items, shelves are multi-functional living room storage options that can help expand the area you have available by using up free wall space. They’re a neat and tidy way of keeping more of your stuff in your space whilst not cluttering up the room. 

Our Matassa bookshelf is a balanced piece of furniture available in colours that complement a range of decor designs. The open space shelves are large enough to store a variety of things beyond books, making them the perfect go-to choice for family storage ideas.

Utilise A Console Table

Console tables provide easy storage to the perimeter of your living room. Choosing one of our bold console table designs from RB12 will ensure your living room storage not only helps declutter but adds an extra level of beautiful decor to the room.

Choosing an aesthetic console table that provides extra drawer space or a flat layout perfect for book storage and more. Choose a console table that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a contemporary look that adds to your living room decor rather than disjointing it. 

The Coseno Plus Console Table available here at RB12 provides minimalistic style living room storage that goes beyond a typical table. The simplistically beautiful table is designed with a swivel mirror and two drawers to provide perfect table space with added storage. An excellent choice for living room spaces trying to minimise clutter.

Make Use Of Sideboards

If console tables don’t provide enough storage space that you’re after, sideboards can be the perfect answer. Taking up the same space around the perimeter of your living room, sideboards provide multi-function storage of drawers, cupboards and sometimes even shelves depending on your style choice.

Sideboards don’t have to be the big bulky, Victorian-style furniture that typically comes to mind. Modern, contemporary sideboards make the best of using up your room space in a more subtle, aesthetically pleasing way. 

Our Cinquanta3 bookcase and sideboard combination offers the best storage a living room could need. Placing this floor-standing sideboard as a centrepiece to your wall will make it a focal storage point of the room whilst leaving the rest of the living space free of clutter. 

Storage Cupboards

You can never beat a good storage cupboard for effective living room storage. Whether you’re looking for space to store children’s toys, books, paperwork or more, cupboards provide the perfect space to hide your belongings away from sight. Cupboards offer efficient storage hidden away, ideal for keeping clutter to a minimum and decor minimal. 

Cupboards are available in a whole host of styles and designs to suit your living room interior. They can be wall-mounted or floor-standing and can come in corner-shaped to make the best use of your living room shape. 

Cupboards like our Cinquanta3 sideboard with mounted cupboards brings to life a hybrid sideboard/cupboard storage that takes up wall space instead of floor space. Again, this helps declutter the room and provides extra storage. Offering four ample cupboards and a functional drawer, this sideboard epitomises the fantastic storage space cupboards can provide your living room without becoming an eyesore.

Living room storage can be hard to nail down at first, you want to add storage space without increasing the amount of furniture in one room, and you want something that adds to the decor without overcrowding it. 

Our range of living room storage at RB12 has something for every style of living room decor to provide top-quality living room storage for all of the family. Creating a tidy, organised space with ample storage has never been easier than with our top-quality range of living room storage.

As always, our sophisticated, contemporary designs will enhance your home and make it the perfect, tidy space that still offers functional storage to suit your family. Find the best range of living room furniture in our range today and transform your living space into a stylish but practical hub. Many of our storage solutions are fully customisable and tailored to suit any home. Contact us for a free design service for that perfect storage solution.

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