How long furniture lasts and why you should invest in luxury pieces


  1. How long should furniture last?
  2. How do I know if my furniture needs to be replaced?
  3. How do I ensure my furniture lasts?
  4. Why is slow buying high-end furniture more sustainable? 
  5. Luxury furniture at RB12

Your furniture is the heart of your home, so you want to ensure that it will last. Luxury furniture is a sustainable investment that guarantees that you will have the best quality furnishings for many years to come. 

grey sofa in a minimalist lounge

How long should furniture last?

One thing is certain: high-end furniture lasts longer than cheap, mass-produced furniture. 

But how long should you expect your furniture to last, and when is it time to make a change? There are many answers to these questions because it depends on the type of furniture you own.

How do I know if my furniture needs to be replaced?

Unlike food, furniture doesn’t have an expiration date when you buy it. Its upkeep and longevity are determined by how well it’s maintained over the years. 

Let’s explore how long your core pieces of furniture should last and what you can do to keep them in top condition. 


A grey sofa with an abstract grey and black rug

Sofas are the backbone of every living room. We’ve all been to someone’s house when their old sofa has that tell-tale dip in the cushion. This essential piece of furniture needs to be hardy enough to withstand binge-watching every series possible, wine nights with the neighbours, and the kids’ sleepovers. Ideally, you should renew your sofa every 7 to 15 years. However, reupholstering and handling this core piece of furniture with care can make your sofa last much longer. Many of our sofas by the likes of Saba, RB12, SITS, Bonaldo and Gervasoni require no re-upholstery thanks to their removable covers. Simply change the covers or have them washed or dry cleaned.

Dining tables 

A black table in a dining room

Every home needs a well-made dining room table. It’s the heart of every big festive dinner and also where you have a tea break during that work-from-home shift. A dining table can last anywhere between 5 and 20 years, as long as it is well cared for. Dining room tables are often finished to resist damage. However, to ensure your table lasts, we highly recommend using placemats, coasters, and tablecloths to protect against potential heat damage from plates or scratches. Recently, ceramic and marble tabletops have also become en vogue as they are durable enough to last for even decades, as well as many models being heat and scratch-resistant.

A man sitting at a table in a kitchen, reading a newspaper


A beige wooden table in a dining room

Wooden chairs can last for a long time. In general, wooden furniture will remain in good condition for at least 10 to 15 years. We only recommend replacing chairs if the legs are wobbly beyond repair. In terms of upkeep and maintenance, ensure that people don’t lean back on your chairs, as this is a common reason they can be worn down!

Unique modern furniture in a living room, including circular arm chairs and small side tables

If your dining chairs contain upholstery, it’s worth consulting an upholsterer to see if they can be repaired. How do you know if upholstery needs a bit of a makeover? Check for any holes, frayed fabric, or stains on the material. Unless your goal is to have a full matching dining set and you need more chairs to entertain guests, you don’t need to replace chairs very often. 

Carpets and rugs

A white room with shelving and a rustic orange armchair

Standard carpets in mainstream stores last as little as 1 to 5 years. High-end carpets, usually artisan-made, with the most durable materials, last much longer than their cheaper counterparts. Not only do luxury rugs make a statement in your home, but they last 15 to 25 years or even longer. 


Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to our physical and mental health. So, you need a comfortable bed and base that will keep you well-rested for years to come. Bed frames made from wood should last up to 10 years, while metal bedframes last 5 years more. Similarly, a good quality mattress lasts 10 years, but as we age, it’s recommended that you replace it every 7 years.

A blue bed with a velvet headboard in a grey bedroom

How do I ensure my furniture lasts?

A charcoal grey sofa in a modern living room

Luxury furniture is made to last but it will eventually come to an end like all good things. So, how do you make la creme de la creme of high-end furniture last as long as possible?

There are many simple daily hacks and tips to ensure your furniture looks as good as new over the years. 

Consider the type of material and piece of furniture you want to maintain and the upkeep necessary. Make sure to follow your brand or supplier’s care instructions on upkeep and maintenance. If in doubt or unclear, you can contact us at RB12 as we’re always available to answer your questions and assist you in helping your furnishings last. 

For example, a sofa is a core piece of furniture that requires care. Invest in stain removers that correspond with your sofa’s material. Sofa covers are a lifesaver if the material is too sensitive or has stubborn stains. Spruce up your sofa by changing its covers and throw cushions if you want to change your decor but not your furniture. 

At the end of its lifecycle, can your furniture be upcycled or recycled? If it’s fixable, you could upgrade your piece by fixing up the upholstery. Or, if you need to invest in new pieces, consider donating old furniture elsewhere for a second life where it can be fixed and reused. Many luxury furniture brands even create high-end furnishings from recycled and recyclable materials for a more sustainable step forward. 

A quilted grey 2 seater sofa

Why is slow buying high-end furniture more sustainable? 

With the rise of slow living, everyone is more conscious of sustainability regarding furniture. 

Luxury furniture is often handmade, where possible, and uses materials that originate from the local communities. High-end furniture designs choose sustainably sourced wood that’s FSC certified and OEKO-tech certified materials created without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Not only is handmade furniture more environmentally friendly, but each piece of furniture is also unique. No piece will be identical. When a company creates high-end furniture with a machine, it usually uses the latest technology for more sustainable, precise, and practical manufacturing processes. For example, if a design features intricate detailing that requires exact precision, a 3D printer is essential to make each piece completely identical. 

 Buying sustainably-made luxury furniture is a step in the right direction to reducing our carbon footprint because it lasts longer. 

Luxury furniture at RB12

We collaborate with the best design houses to bring you furniture that reflects you and makes your house a home. From handmade rugs and sofas by Gan to modular furniture by Cinquant by Cinquanta3 and Novamobili, you’ll find everything you need here. Discover the most luxurious high-end furniture and invest in sustainable furnishings available at RB12 online.

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