Six top ideas on how to decorate the dining room

Do you find yourself asking if your house needs a dining room? The answer is yes! Today, some contemporary interior designers and architects combine the dining room with the kitchen to save space and to create alternative rooms, such as playrooms, laundry rooms and more. However, the dining room is more than just a place where you consume daily meals. It’s a versatile space you can use as a social area, for office space, studying or for the perfect game night with your favourite folks.

Whether you’re decorating a small, traditional dining room or you have a lot of space for more contemporary designs, here at RB12, we know how to make your dining area look stylish and luxurious at affordable prices. Our ideas below will help you decorate your dining room with some of the best high-quality furniture available.

Dining tables 

The heart of any dining room is the table, so it’s very important that you consider the room’s size, what you’ll use the table for and the style you want to go with, alongside your budget.  

If your dining room is small, then extendable tables can be a great, practical solution, especially for special occasions with numerous guests like birthdays, parties or game nights. If you love talking with family and friends while eating, then a round table might be the perfect fit so that everybody can interact without feeling out of place or excluded from the conversation.

Mellow wooden dining table.

Among all materials, wood will always be a great fit for both traditional and modern designs. If you’re looking for simple dining tables that are elegant and stylish, we recommend something like our Mellow and Juice wooden dining tables, which can give a more rustic vibe to your dining area. 

However, other materials like ceramic and marble are even more eye-catching thanks to their shiny natural properties. Plus, they’re durable, easy-to-clean and practical for everyday use. For further inspiration, check out our marble dining tables and ceramic dining tables or our extensive dining tables collection

Dining Benches

As an alternative to traditional dining tables, have you ever considered including some dining benches in your indoor design?

Alp Oiled Oak wooden, white dining bench.

Dining benches are ideal for creating a more contemporary, rustic atmosphere in both small and big areas. Particularly in smaller spaces, dining benches will have everybody sitting together and closer than they might with standard dining chairs. 


Leave your guests speechless with some high-quality, eye-catching and practical tableware made with top materials like porcelain, ceramic and steel. 

Bolia porcelain tableware.

Sets of plates, glassware and jars made of porcelain will always make your dining table look beautiful, elegant and luxurious. Since porcelain and ceramic are fragile and not always the cheapest solution, you can also choose more affordable materials like stoneware and steel, especially if there are children around. They will still make your dining table look stunning, but they are also suitable for daily use.

Check out our collection of dining tableware and glassware for further ideas. 

Dining chairs

Paring your dining table with high-quality, comfortable dining chairs won’t only personalise your dining room, but they will make it more practical for numerous occasions. 

Pangea modern, contemporary chairs.

Whether you’re designing your dining room in a traditional or more modern style, choose chairs that are made with resistant materials like wood, eco-leather or metal. They will always be eye-catching but also more durable over the years. 

A quick way of boosting the look of your dining room without spending a fortune is to buy chair covers, which can make them more colourful, attractive and comfortable. However, this is only a temporary solution as the chair itself may need replacing when it is too old.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary style, include some bar stools in your design. Made with comfortable backs, our bar stools come in many sizes and in a wide range of colours to match any taste and needs. Thanks to their adjustable heights, they can be altered to make them even more practical.


Your dining room will look even more beautiful with a stylish rug. While boosting your dining room’s look, rugs are ideal for keeping floors cleaner and extending their lifespan by avoiding scratches or spills that could damage them over time. If you have an old, worn floor, rugs can be a cheap, practical solution to hide any imperfections. Moreover, rugs can keep your floor warm, so if you, or especially your kids, forget your slippers, you won’t freeze your feet. 

Gan Modica stylish, contemporary rugs.

Contemporary rugs come in many sizes, colours, materials and prices, so it won’t be a problem to find the perfect fit for your dining room. Browse our top contemporary rugs collection for more ideas.


 If your design plan is big, details are important. You might want to decorate your dining room with accessories like lights, mirrors or sideboards so that everything is more stylish and luxurious.

To ensure that your dining room has enough light on an evening, you can choose from a wide range of energy-efficient dining room lights. They can brighten every corner of the room or create personalised ambiences for specific occasions like romantic dinners, family reunions and more. 

If there’s not much natural light in your dining room, you could hang some stylish mirrors on the wall. They are very practical as they won’t only show yourself, but they can also reflect light from the corridor and increase the sense of space. 

Kuri high-quality, practical sideboards for dining rooms.

Last but not least, make your dining room more beautiful as well as practical with some high-quality, robust sideboards. You can use them to store your top sets of glassware and dishes while still displaying them to your guests. 

We hope you’re now ready to decorate your dining room with high-quality, stylish, and convenient furniture. For more ideas, browse our dining room collection and don’t forget to register your account or to signup for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of our upcoming collections and offers. 

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