Instead of having a floor full of salespeople, at RB12 we have fully trained, professional interior designers front of house so that we can offer true passion and unrivalled knowledge to our customers. Our stunning furniture and home collections are beautiful and functional in design and we believe in offering the most thorough design service possible.

From single room restyling to entire development projects, RB12 can provide the full service, guiding you through your project's journey including initial brainstorming and inspiration all the way to final arrangements and installation. We can put together photo-realistic renders so you will have a clear idea of what your finished project will look like. This helps you make a confident decision before finally approving the design. In order for these renders to be the best they can be, we will undertake home surveys to ensure that every tiny detail is correct so everything about your design is accurate and we can quote costs accordingly to your budget. 

So, instead of digging deeper into your purse strings for an interior designer, at RB12 we can provide a full design service as well as being able to buy all your interior products in-store with us too! Not only can you save money merging these two services but because we have such great relationships with all of our family of brands, we can guarantee the lowest prices available in the UK. 

With experience working on projects of all sizes, right from the beginning, at RB12 we can help bring your vision to life. We can be involved through every step including drawing out blueprints, laying down the bricks and mortar, filling the rooms with expertly chosen furniture and helping organise your timeline, all whilst keeping strictly to budget. 

We would never assume power over your project and would leave you in complete control of every aspect. We are there to help guide you and offer our expert advice to ensure your vision is realised. 

We pride ourselves in being able to build a relationship with our customers so that all our combined hard work and time results in a project developed by engaged, professional designers that know your project inside and out. 

Whether your plans are already made or not, we are able to help manage your project. In no way will we ever take you out of control but we will instead listen carefully to your needs and guide you as expertly and professionally as possible to ensure the smooth running of your project. It is so important to us that you come away from working with us feeling satisfied and that your project went your way, so we will do everything in our power to ensure it is successful for you.

We only work with and can provide high-quality, trustworthy construction professionals that can take care of all the building works for your project. Even if your plans were not made through us, we would be more than happy to help with this side of your project. From plumbing and wiring to bricks and mortar we can take care of every element of your design to fulfil your construction needs. See above for more information about our project management and architectural planning services.

We are not your conventional furniture retailer, at RB12 we understand the value of finding the perfect solution for your interior design project. This can often require customisation and bespoke furniture pieces which can be a daunting prospect. Underpinned by the strength of our relationships with the brands we represent, alongside our in-house design experience, we can offer project support, design services and assistance in sourcing a range of highly customised pieces with our family of manufacturers.

Always working to the highest standards, RB12 only collaborate with the most professional furniture installers. Our specially appointed craftsmen can fit and finish any of your designs. From new designer kitchens; custom wardrobes; or any other expertly made joinery, whatever you have in mind, we can help you make your ideas into something wholly yours.