The Turner prize was set up to encourage a wider interest in contemporary art, something we feel very strongly about here at RB12.

Every year, the Turner prize is awarded to a British artist who has stood out with a recent project, rather than rewarding artists for a lifetime of work. This means that the winners aren't always famous, long-standing artist but could be up-and-coming and showing artistic breakthrough at any stage in their career.

There is a new panel selected every year, consisting of gallery directors, curators, critics and writers. This year's panellists are:

  • Oliver Basciano, art critic and International Editor, ArtReview

  • Elena Filipovic, Director, Kunsthalle Basel

  • Lisa Le Feuvre, Executive Director, Holt-Smithson Foundation

  • Tom McCarthy, novelist and writer

The jury is chaired by Alex Farquharson, Director of Tate Britain.

The Big Four

Four shortlisted artists have been selected for expressing and tackling pressing issues in today's society. Their works will be on show at the Tate Britain from Wednesday 26th September 2018 - Sunday 6th January 2019.

Let's take a quick look at the shortlist...

Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture are based at Goldsmiths, University of London, and the group consists of architects, filmmakers, software developers, investigative journalists, lawyers and scientists. Their recent work has been developing pioneering methods for spatial investigations of state and corporate violations worldwide.


 In a changing media landscape – epitomised by the availability of digital recording equipment, satellite imaging and platforms for data sharing worldwide – their work has already contributed to developments in the fields of human rights, journalism, and visual cultures.

Naeem Mohaiemen

Currently studying for a Phd in Anthropology at Columbia University, USA, Naeem Mohaiemen was born in London, but grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


 Naeem Mohaiemen, Tripoli Cancelled, 2017, single channel film. Commissioned by documenta 14. Co-commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation and Art Jameel. Additional support by Locus Athens, Hellinikon AE, and Experimenter.

Through the medium of film, installations and essays, his highly-researched work combines his own autobiographical and family history. Naeem focuses on how national borders and passports shape the lives of people in turbulent situations. His work explores film archives and the way their contents can be lost or even fabricated and reanimated.

Charlotte Prodger

Born in Bournemouth, Charlotte works with moving image, printed image, sculpture and writing. Her latest exhibition; BRIDGIT/Stoneymollan Trail at Bergen Kunsthall, Norway (2017) comprising of two single-channel videos was the groundbreaking work that caught the panel's eye.


 She has been praised for her moving imagery that subtly deals with identity politics, especially for the LBGTQ+ community.

Luke Willis Thompson

The youngest shortlisted artist, Luke Willis Thompson, has done extensive research into social inequalities such as racialised killings and discriminative stop-and-search policies. Thompson uses 16mm and 35mm film to create silent, black and white films performed by people impacted by police and state brutality.

His most notable work is a recent film titled Autoportrait. Moments after the fatal shooting of Philando Castile by a policeman in 2016, Diamond Reynolds, the victims partner, took some footage of the event's unfolding. Luke collaborated with her to create a 'sister image' to her footage in a moving, silent film.

The winner of the prize will be announced at an award ceremony in December 2018.


 RB12 are passionate about the visual arts; we aim to encourage creativity and continually involve ourselves in the local art scene. As well as co-curating monthly exhibitions in our design shop, together with Chrom-Art (whose work includes placing undiscovered artists in showrooms all around London), we also host monthly meet-ups with local artists where they can network with art-lovers and enthusiasts.

RB12 recently launched the 'Twisted Lines' exhibition by Jacinto Caetano, which first became famous when his work was used on the London Santander bike promotional artwork. You can view the works around our Shoreditch, design shop up until Wednesday 24th October.

We will certainly be heading to the Tate Britain to see the works of these shortlisted artists, and hope that the Turner Prize continues to inspire and motivate artists and designers all around the world.