At RB12, we aim to stay on top of contemporary interior trends. We have seen many trends come and go, but something we can't imagine going away fast is the metal detailing and metallic features of contemporary furniture design.

In the last decade, the metallic trend has tended to lean towards rose and yellow gold detailing. However, recently more industrial types of metal are becoming the prominent choice. From brass to nickel, muted materials add a more organic element to your space.

Our family of collections and brands at RB12 are curated by our own co-founders, Dean Louw, Rafael Borrego and Giulia Minacciolo. They have pulled out some of the products you can find in-store that align with this emerging trend.


The Minà collection has (near to) no limitations. Minà is suitable for all sized kitchens, combining wall-mounted and island options. With many choices for the finishes of your kitchen units and doors, this collection can work in a multitude of kitchen designs and configurations.

Being made from tactile steel, this is a strong kitchen collection, both in build and aesthetics. In line with the 'New Metallics' trend, you can choose between a 'Nero Grafite', 'Oxidised Steel' and even a stunning 'Rust' finish. Choose this collection for a truly unique and elegant kitchen design.

At the Cersaie trade show in Bologna, Italy, Minacciolo showcased a seriously enviable and special edition copper finish on one of their Natural Skin kitchens. This kitchen was created in collaboration with Made by Mano by Rosario Parrinello. Take a look at their beautiful stand at the Cersaie show below.

Corá Parquet

Corà Parquet has a number of prefinished wood flooring collections that we supply, and among those is the extra-special Metal Luxury. This is a great option for someone who wants the alternative and edgier look that comes with metal finishings, while still keeping the warmth of a wooden surface.

The Metal Luxury collection comes in Bronze, Copper and Iron options which all beautifully change shade and highlight the metallic finish according to the angle from which you look at it!

This flooring has strong character, and could even be used as a statement wall cladding.


Part of the RB12 family is Brokis, a premium lighting brand based in the Czech Republic. They have recently launched a new modern lamp collection called 'Jack O'Lantern'. The collection includes a table lamp, which has a marble base with a 'pearl' light placed on top. There is a metal, geometric frame that surrounds the light beautifully, which can be finished in a liquid metal coating of copper, chrome or black chrome.

This collection was designed by renown Czech product designer Lucie Koldova and comes in a variety of different configurations. There is a wall hung version which reinforces the 'New Metallics' trend further, comprising of 5 geometric metal coated frames moulded together. You can also suspend the Jack O'Lanterns with the Brokis ceiling light option.

We displayed the Brokis Jack O'Lantern light for this year's London Design Festival in front of a beautifully handcrafted wallcovering designed by artist KV Duong, available exclusively at RB12.


REXA is our favourite bathroom manufacturer. Their bathroom brassware is available in a number of finishes including a polished and brushed steel as well as the stunning 'Black Luxury' finish which is created by steel being covered in a matte liquid coating.

At RB12, we have a number of REXA products on display, including their innovative Corian® washbasins, bathtubs and shower systems. Also during this years London Design Festival, we invited REXA to our showroom to talk about 'Designing and Specifying Artisanal Bathrooms'. We discovered the full capabilities and flexibility of their manufacturing, meaning that they can pretty much create anything you can imagine for your bathroom space!


At RB12 we co-curate art exhibitions that run throughout the year. From December 6th we will be showing the 'Shining World' series by visual artist Nico Chacon. Pieces of his work have been on display in the showroom since its opening but the whole series will be on display for visitors to view during the month-long show.

Nico's work fits in with the New Metallics trend beautifully, as this series of PVC animal sculptures are covered with a mirror-effect material in metallic hues. We particularly love the black metal finish he uses, for a more muted metallic effect.

We host and curate a number of events throughout the year, you can find out about our upcoming events here. In the meantime, we hope to see more from the 'New Metallics' trend and we will continue to swoon over the different metal finishes available in our Shoreditch design shop.