The RB12 Story

After several years of working together on high-end property developments and interior design projects, Dean Louw and Rafael Borrego founded RB12 in Shoreditch, with the mission of sharing their passion for contemporary designer furniture.

Joining forces with similarly-minded suppliers and building on architectural, manufacturing and commercial expertise, RB12 has developed into a close, tight-knit group of collaborators with a shared value of craftsmanship, materials and sustainable, ethical design. Positioned at the intersection of artisan making and manufacturing, RB12 is dedicated to innovative, strong and exquisite design.

From first-hand experience, we're aware of the potential difficulties associated with sourcing customisable pieces of furniture and believe that the opportunity to appreciate the detail, tactility and functionality of a product in person is conducive to a successful project. Lovingly produced by an international family of brands, our design space presents these collections alongside each other under one roof, offering clients a unique perspective.

RB12 are much more than just furniture agents, and our Design Space is more than a furniture showroom. Our size and industry connections allow us to be agile and provide a personalised matchmaking service to our customers.

We believe that furniture is as individual as you are, so why should our services be any different?