RB12 are proud to home a wonderful array of contemporary brands at our Shoreditch design shop. We are pleased to introduce you to Armadillo & Co...

Armadillo & Co create 100% handmade rugs that are inspired by a rich history and the artisanship of the human hands that create them. Founded by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst in 2007, Armadillo & Co. was formed to fill a gap in the market for elegant, simple, quality, but most importantly, ethical rugs.

Fair Trade

Armadillo & Co products are handmade, using Fair Trade practices. Made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, their rugs are completely ethical whilst still achieving beautifully contemporary designs.

"Armadillo & Co rugs lie lightly on this earth"

Armadillo & Co's commitment to social responsibility, sustainable practice and support of their community of artisans is outstanding and it's a cornerstone of their brand.

They have reinforced this ethos further by setting up 'The Armadillo & Co Foundation', which is a non-profit organisation with the sole mission to help improve the lives of underprivileged communities by providing educational, health and community facilities.

Generations of artisanal techniques

Intricate weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations with at least 10 hands creating and finishing each Armadillo & Co rug. The preservation of these skills and the income for communities it brings is vital. Because of this human element, each rug is unique and has its own character.

How are these stunning rugs created? They go through a range of different processes, starting with the dyeing of the natural fibres and materials. Armadillo & Co yarns are dipped in and out of cauldrons of dye and then sun dried in the open air. The artisans then spin the wool using traditional hand powered winders, making the yarn more pliable and able to be wound onto a bobbin, ready for weaving.

Working side by side, the weavers work the loom to create a flat weave rug, or take turns to make the hand knotted or braided rugs. The rugs are then washed, shrinking them into a durable and tight weave. For this process, wooden, soapy panels are pushed over both sides of the rug, and after sewing the rug onto a frame, it is then left in the sun to naturally dry.

The finishing process is done by hand, every loose edge and thread is given attention by the Armadillo & Co artisans, which creates an almost flawless, rich and warm finish. Finally the labels are hand stitched on, before the rug is ready for delivery.

The Revamped Collections

With six new styles, Armadillo & Co has injected fresh new colours and materials into the current Earth and Latitude collections.

These new styles are inspired by aerial photography of different landscapes across the world. Co-founder Jodie Fried says;

"The colour pallete roams across sandy neutrals, grey tints and deep charcoals that grip to the natural fibres in a beautiful way."

For these new designs Armadillo & Co are reclaiming the humble fibre that is Jute. This natural material is highly durable and has varying colouration. The colouration creates an inconsistency in shading which, when woven, translates the landscapes beautifully.

You can find Armadillo & Co rugs beautifully displayed in the RB12 design shop in Shoreditch. We welcome you to come and see these delightful products for yourself, where you can really see and feel the human touch which has created these elegant rug options.