The RB12 Sofa Collection has landed

RB12 would like to introduce five new sofas that we have launched from our new in-house collection. Combining comfort, quality and contemporary styling, we are proud to show you our much-anticipated sofa range.

The series of seating options are highly customisable, so can be made bespoke to fit your space and style. We have a huge range of fabrics and leathers for you to choose from and layout combinations can be created to suit you and your interior. 

The first in our collection is the KRENAR sofa. This is a modular sofa available as a two or three-seater with an attachable chaise lounge. This contemporary sofa is well structured with strong lines that create a robust design. This is a sofa made for lounging and is the perfect balance between comfort and class. 

The OLD STREET sofa is available as a three or four-seater and has high finish detailing reminiscent of Scandinavian design features. It boasts handcrafted quality and combines the key elements of tufting sofas to create something new and exciting. Its signature back and armrests include fabric that is traditionally pulled and folded into a geometric pattern and secured with buttons. This effect gives off a classic look which can be achieved with luxurious velvets and exposed wooden legs. For a more modern look try using a flat weave fabric and choosing metal legs.

Named after our showroom’s location, the SHOREDITCH seating options and footstool all have a clear identity (just like our neighbourhood!). Choose between a four-seater sofa, a cosy loveseat, an armchair and a footstool. These pieces have real character – modern, playful, laidback and stylish all at the same time. This design is comfortable, has a truly original urban feel and the elegant curves add to the smooth styling.

The ROUBIA sofa (named after the picturesque commune in France) comes in two, three or four-seater options and has a beautiful authentic look and feel. This piece can be defined by its delicate proportions and minimalism without compromising on comfort. You can choose to add a fixed cover highlighting the legs or a loose one with a skirt for a more homely, cozy style. 

The final design from the RB12 collection is the LOLA, this is available in a three-seater sofa or an armchair. Here we have reinvented the familiar and brought you a classic sofa that withstands the test of time. Taking inspiration from the 1970s we have produced a sofa with great contemporary appeal. To the retro shaping and lines, we have added extra armrest cushions which add a modern touch, with rich colours and textures to select from. 

Choose any of these designs and we can upholster your chosen seat in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Orders can be with you in as little as six-eight weeks and our whole collection has a generous five-year warranty. 

If you would like to find out more about the RB12 Sofa Collection and seating options you can visit our online shop, contact us here, pop by the showroom or give us a call on +44 (0) 2071 352 246 – we would love to hear from you.

Written by: Kate Nannery

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