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grey living room sofa in a lounge with a large book shelf 01/03/2022

Why is good quality furniture expensive and is it worth it?

Contents: Why is it important to invest in high-end furniture?  Why is good quality furniture expensive?  What high-end furniture should I invest in? High-end furniture at RB12. When furnishing your home, investing in high-end furniture will allow you to create your own unique space where you feel truly comfortable. The furniture landscape has changed immensely over the past few decades, and 2022 has certainly made everyone think about how they invest their money into something with longevity. Why it is important to invest in high-end furniture The furniture industry has... Read More

Gan rug in a bright beige room 01/03/2022

What is the slow living movement and does it impact luxury furniture?

Contents: How did the slow living movement start? What is slow living? What is the slow living aesthetic? Is slow living sustainable and eco-friendly? How can I incorporate slow living into my home? Slow buy and invest in sustainable luxury furniture at RB12. Slow living has been everywhere recently. Its rise has been incredibly fast for a movement all about keeping it slow.  You’re probably asking yourself the same questions as we have at RB12 about this blossoming movement. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through it all right here. So,... Read More