Miniforms: Beautiful furniture that’s made to last

Miniforms have been in the furniture game since the late sixties; the company’s Italian flare has been passed down through generations. From its founder Luigi Bardini, to his sons Alessandro, Theo and Matteo, they carried on their father’s legacy of creating innovative furniture to transform your home. Elevate your living space with some Italian furniture from Miniforms; the company puts a modern spin on classic designer furniture to make a statement. 

The Miniforms range of furniture will make the perfect addition to your living room. The modern, laid-back approach of the furniture lends itself to being placed in a more modern aesthetic, but Miniforms Italian furniture can find its place in any room. Read on and learn about this incredible furniture company and how you can make a statement with their furniture in your home. 

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Who are Miniforms?

Miniforms was formed in the early 1970s as an evolution of a company named Inveta, founded in 1962. Just over a decade later, at the end of the 1980s, the Italian brand decided to expand its production to the international market. The new expansion saw the company make chairs, tables and bookcases for a global market. 

In 2009 Miniforms’ founder, Luigi Bardini, sold the company to his sons, who now take on young talented Italian designers to create their furniture, using authentic materials whilst respecting the environment. Miniforms have a highly focused attention to detail whilst maintaining a simple yet elegant design. 

Miniforms furniture works amazingly in open-plan designs. With a wide range of furniture that separates your living space whilst remaining familiar, Miniforms are one of our most trusted brands. Make sure to browse their amazing range of furniture, from armchairs to dining tables and so much more.

Boterina Armchair, Miniforms

Boterina Armchair, Miniforms

Miniforms made to last

Being an environmentally friendly company, Miniforms takes pride in its design culture that aims to be as green as possible whilst designing furniture that’s made to last. One of their main aims is to preserve the local culture. 

The wood is provided by Forest Stewardship Council sources, is formaldehyde-free and comes from areas of reforestation. Miniforms’ marble comes from local excavation residues, reducing waste and limiting damage to the local environment.

Since 2020 the company has only used recyclable plastics, and the polypropylene used in the moulds can be reused several times. 

Regarding fabrics, Miniforms decided to work with partners who reuse fabrics, and two of their fabrics are produced from processed waste. Finally, Minforms’s packaging is made from recycled paper with less than 1% foam material.

Miniforms use a mix of machinery and hand crafting to create their range of eco-friendly furniture that is not only designed to look amazing but is built to last.

What is a Miniforms soda table?

A Miniforms soda table is an incredibly unique piece of furniture. Created from a single volume of glass that was blown, drawn out and then formed by three master glassmakers, the stem of the table is made from three petals; the table weighs 20 kilos and is formed from just a single puff of air. 

The result is a strikingly beautiful glass side table that makes a massive statement. Coming in four different colours, amber, petrol green, amethyst and blue, you can choose the colour that best fits into your living room.

Soda Side Table, Miniforms

Soda Side Table, Miniforms

What are the characteristics of Italian furniture?

Miniforms range of furniture is a unique combination of modern and classic Italian designs colliding to create beautiful furniture. If you want to renovate your living room and change up your aesthetic, why not make it a modern Italian living room?

Modern Italian design fuses the rich Italian culture with newer contemporary, and minimalist designs. The style mixes comfort with luxuriousness and simultaneously balances the colours and furniture. 

All the furniture at RB12 will slot perfectly into a modern Italian living room, from stylish pouffes that look just as comfortable as they feel, to storage units that blend into the room rather than distract from it. No matter the furniture you choose to fill your living room with, you can be assured that it’s of the highest quality and durability. The coffee tables, in particular, are stand-out pieces of furniture. The soda table we discussed earlier is not the only coffee table worth mentioning. The Ringo side table has incredible natural wood patterns, and the Kolos side table looks like a shrunken-down Colosseum. 

Milonga book shelf, Miniforms

Milonga book shelf, Miniforms

Shop for Miniforms furniture at RB12

Now you know more about Miniforms and their fantastic range of Italian furniture. At RB12, we have the best Miniforms have to offer, so make sure that you look through the entire selection and find the perfect piece of furniture for your living room. 

Miniforms are a special brand with a long family history and a dedication to remaining environmentally friendly whilst not compromising on the quality of the furniture. When you shop with Miniforms, you get unique furniture to elevate your living room. With their made-to-last scheme, you will get furniture that can withstand the trials of everyday life. 

If you want to explore your options and check out some of the other amazing brands we have at RB12, then browse Saba Italia, Novamobili and many other amazing brands.

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