Let there be light!

RB12 are proud to introduce some brand new collections to our expansive lighting range. Perhaps you require a centrepiece to your interior, a portable solution, or something to illuminate your outdoor space – RB12 has a range of options to suit your needs, here are some of the latest additions:


Czech premium lighting brand Brokis are a long-term RB12 supplier, and pride themselves on exquisite design, superior quality and remarkable craftsmanship. This year they celebrate one of their mainstay collections, Sfera, by expanding the range into dramatic new shapes and sizes. Though originally designed with professionals such as architects in mind, these stylish pieces would be at home in any setting.

Not only have Brokis added some variety to the classic collection but 2021 witnesses the debut of the Sfera portable design. This is a smaller, battery powered alternative to the original, perfect for outdoor or remote use while retaining the iconic shape. Designed by Brokis art director Lucie Koldova, the Sfera portable is a practical and stylish solution for the artist on-the-go.

September also marks the expansion of Brokis’ Geometric range, which now includes a tabletop model designed by Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová. As with the rest of the range, Geometric Table utilises BROKISGLASS, a new material developed by Brokis and Janštejn Glassworks which is formed of recycled glass shards, giving each piece a unique and distinctive appearance. The light intensity can be controlled via a concealed dimmer switch, and its overall aesthetic makes for an eye-catching centrepiece to any desk, tabletop or work-surface.

Louis Poulsen

This year Louis Poulsen celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their classic Panthella range, and to commemorate this milestone we are treated to the launch of their new medium-sized Panthella Table 320 lamp and the Panthella Mini.

Originally developed by Danish architect Vernor Panthon in 1971, the Panthella has become one of his most iconic designs. Its geometric mushroom design and non-glaring light has remained popular and serves as a beautiful reminder of his mastery of the art of lighting.

Both of the new designs come in a distinctive (and brand new) brass finish, making them a perfect fit for a classic space with a modern edge.  


Ginko Design is a truly innovative studio that we are proud to welcome into the RB12 family this year, and we are pleased to introduce some creative new pieces from their latest collection.

When conceptualising your interior spaces it is tempting to reach for the stars, but Ginko would suggest why not reach for the moon instead. Introducing the Moon Lamp. This levitating illumination comes with the choice of walnut or white ash as a base, and the centrepiece is a gravity-defying replica of Earth’s most famous satellite. Perfect for stargazers and romantics, or simply a unique talking point when hosting guests.

Another dramatic addition to the Ginko collection is the Octagon One Plus desk lamp. Building on the success of their award winning Octagon Plus lamp, this is a smaller and more versatile touch alarm clock made of 100% sustainable natural wood, with the same iconic shape.


Our Scandinavian friends at Bolia are here to light up your life with some exciting new arrivals.

The Campa Series comes from the Danish virtuosos at Spant Studio. This simple design comes in a range of options from free standing to hanging lights, each featuring a sublime opal glass shade, responsible for the unmistakable calming glow.

Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

If alfresco illumination is what you’re after, feast your eyes on the Donut Lamp from seminal designer Michael H Nielsen. This playful design suits any outdoor space and boasts 24 hours of light when fully charged.

DCW Editions

Inspired by the land of the rising sun, the new Yasuke table lamp offers soft, warm dimmable lighting tones. The design was created by studio BrichetZiegler and they have combined modern architectural shapes with traditional eastern styling. With a distinctive caned silhouette, you wouldn’t be the only one to think it could be made from bamboo, but in fact it is made with robust steel and aluminium. This table lamp gives you ultimate control allowing you to dim both the brightness and temperature of the light it emits. 

The DCW Editions latest collection is ‘Atmospherics’, which celebrates the natural spectrum of light. A standout piece from the collection is the Delumina wall lamp. This lamp has two glass discs that let the light shine through in varying shades. Using a dial system it is possible to adjust the transparency all the way to total opacity allowing you to let light through as desired. You can also find this design in a stylish pendant lamp too. 

If you would like to find out more about the RB12 lighting collections and any more of our lighting brands you can visit our online shop, contact us here, pop by the showroom or give us a call on +44 (0) 2071 352 246 – we would love to hear from you.

Written by: Kate Nannery

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