A Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the right sofa for you

Buying a sofa is an investment both in style and comfort, so there’s a lot to consider. This buyer’s guide aims to help make these decisions easier, and we’ve put together a list of the key elements to consider when selecting a sofa:

1. Configuration

2. Size

3. Material

4. Filling

So, what are the different configurations of sofa available?

Two-seater sofas

A two-seater sofa is suitable for smaller spaces but could also be used in bigger settings when placed alongside another sofa. 

Three-seater sofas 

A three-seater sofa is great for two people who like a bit more wiggle room or for comfortably seating three – often this sofa type has three seat and back cushions, or longer cushions.

North is an exclusive sofa series supplied to us by Bolia, and available in a 3-seater configuration – it is simple, modern and sturdy. All the design choices for this piece have been made with respect for the environment and excellent craftsmanship. The cushions are filled with genuine down, the legs are crafted in solid wood, the armrests and frame filled with extra padding, the foam cushions are reversible, and all of this is made using sustainable materials.

Modular sofas 

Modular sofas are a versatile choice, and can be configured to suit your individual space. A modular sofa usually has three seats or more, so is best for larger spaces, big families or homeowners who like to rearrange their spaces.

One of the latest suppliers to join our family of collections is EKIP Italia. The Charme modular sofa is a striking piece that combines comfort with contemporary design. You can choose to combine a range of different components including an armchair, two or three-seater sofa parts, individual lateral elements, chaise longue and optional cushions. This modular sofa is available in a variety of finishes and the fabric upholstery is removable for easy washing. 

Corner sofa

A corner sofa has two seating areas that are perpendicular to each other – usually in an L-shape or symmetrical formation. This option is great for rooms where you want to save space, as they are designed to tuck into corners.

Corner sofas by new supplier Valentini are nothing but pure luxury, made for lounging. With double cushioning, the Alexander sofa offers ultimate confort. The generous padding extends to the back with double height and continues into the internally rounded armrests. This design even has mobile back cushions, encouraging a bi-directional seating position.

Chaise longue 

An occasional chair that is perfect for reclining or lounging, as the back scoops round to make a corner. Some chaise longues have arms placed along the extended seat, and is often used as a statement or accent piece.

Sofa bed

As the name suggests, this type of sofa is just that by day… and a bed by night. They come in lots of different styles – compact versions for smaller spaces, plus more traditional sofa formats. Some styles of sofa bed are more suited for occasional use than fit for every day.

A great example that we have available at RB12 is the Bed & Breakfast by Saba Italia. It is a sofa which transforms into a comfortable bed by simply folding down the backrest. The design is available in a  sofa-double bed and a chaise longue-single bed. This piece came about as a result of advanced research into new materials which offer maximum comfort with optimum robustness. The maxi scatter cushions pictured even unfold to create a small quilt, and can then be refolded and fastened with two buttons, to offer excellent back support.

How to measure for your sofa

Clear the space in your room where you want your new sofa or sofa bed to go. You should then measure the maximum width and length of this space to give you an idea of the biggest sofa you can possibly fit.

Top tip! Don’t forget to measure your doorways and ceiling height, plus any narrow walkways your new sofa may have to pass through. We can provide you with packing dimensions and delivery assistance with every order. 

What are the different sofa fabric types?

We can offer you a huge range of fabric swatches for our range of sofas so you can colour match it to your current decor before you commit to buying. As there are so many options we’ve helped narrow down the search by showing you some of the most common below…

Cotton is a natural fibre, which makes it breathable and soft. Generally, cotton upholstered sofas are comfortable and relaxed. Wool is made from the woven fibres of a sheep’s coat – again, it’s natural but often blended with synthetic materials. Wool comes in a lot of colours, so it’s great for suiting every interior taste. The wool pile adds a sense of cosiness to your living space – but it keeps cool in the summer, too. 

Polyester is a synthetic fibre, so it’s manufactured to be super durable – great for families, pets and comes in a huge range of colours. It makes a great base material for many cushions and throws in different textures and textiles. Velvet is known for its deep pile adding luxury and warmth to your space. Finally, you could have a leather sofa which is easy to look after, durable and long-lasting. 

Sofa Fillings

When deciding on which filling would work for you, think about how often you use your sofa, and how much upkeep you’re willing to put in – Foam filled sofas offer a firmer seat and look more structured and feather down-filled sofas are a luxe option and offer a more relaxed and comfortable seat. 

A lot of our sofas have a mixture of feather down and foam to suit the usability of the sofa – The Loll collection by Gervasoni is no exception. It is upholstered with variable-density polyurethane foam with seat cushions in goose down mixed with a core insert of highly resilient foam and independent pocket springs. The backrest cushions are also goose down and polyester fibres.

If you would like to see more of our sofa collections don’t hesitate to contact us here, pop by the showroom or give us a call on +44 (0) 2071 352 246 – we would love to hear from you.

Written by Kate Nannery

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