7 Sustainable Rugs for Your Eco-friendly Home

Believe it or not we’re mere weeks away from 2022, winter is upon us and the cold is starting to set in. Well, nothing helps to beat the chills more than getting nice and cosy indoors, and nothing says cosy like a lovely soft rug.

Following the recent COP26 conference and as we near the end of 2021, it’s an important time to reflect on the future – and not just ours, but that of the world around us. Here at RB12 we value the importance of sustainability to the same extent that we value the importance of style, so this month we’re celebrating some of our favourite rug suppliers who produce their items in an eco-conscious way.

Volver Studio

Joining the RB12 family is Volver Studio in Norway. Volver combines Scandinavian design with traditional Indian rug weaving, conducted in India by expert crafters, to produce these beautiful hand-crafted rugs.

First up from Volver is the stunning Yggdrasi rug. Designed by the founder of the Rainlight Studio, Yorgo Lykouria and named for the magnificent world tree of Norse mythology, this branching, kaleidoscopic design is as hypnotic as it is stunning. Available in a variety of colour schemes and a wide range of sizes.

And from the Nature Inspired range comes the unique Blokk design. Made from undyed New Zealand wool and bamboo, this rug stands apart from the pack with its asymmetrical shape and natural stone tones.


Another new addition to RB12 is Northern, based out of the beautiful Oslo, Norway. Alongside their rugs, Northern boasts an array of wonderful products from lighting features to table sets, and proudly pioneers the use of Reflect, an innovative material used in its furniture. Reflect is a polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, transforming unsightly waste into eye-catching luxury items. 

The signature rug from Northern is Row, which takes its name from the hand-cut parallel lines that make this piece so distinctive. Available in a rectangular (170 x 240 cm or 300 x 200cm) or circular (diameter of 200cm) shape to suit your preference, the Row is manufactured using New Zealand wool, and comes in light grey, dark green or dark brown.


The rugs from Valencia-based studio, GAN, are made possible with the beautiful craftsmanship of the women of Bhadohi, India. The GAN Women Unit was founded in 2010 and supports the women of the region who have lost their jobs. Their skills in fabric manufacturing are utilised to create innovative handmade pieces from natural, biodegradable and recycled materials with fair-trade credentials.

Echo is a collaboration with designer Samuel Wilkinson, recipient of London Design Museum’s Designer of the Year award and whose work has been featured in establishments such as the V&A museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. The mesmerising pattern is produced with hand-knotted wool and is available in two colours and three sizes.

Roots is a piece devised of four kilims made of jute and cotton, and its design pays homage to the Mediterranean origins of GAN. Available in four different patterns, all in a natural colouring that would be at home in almost any space. 


CHACCRA’s rugs are all proudly handcrafted in Nepal and inspired by Nepalese tradition, and they only choose natural and recyclable fibres. In their own words, their pieces are “responsibly sourced, respectfully designed” and designed to stand the test of time and changing trends.

The Ātma features a playful design inspired by the Sacral Chakra, which represents the centre of emotions, feelings and pleasure. Produced in Kathmandu and made of pure Tibetan wool, this is a statement piece perfect for any lounge or sitting room.

A truly creative and original piece from CHACCRA is the MōDALA Thangka, made completely from Nepalese hemp. This is a modular piece which can be swapped and changed to suit any space or layout, this item begins its life as a complete rug before being cut and bound into individual pieces. This technique is used to keep any waste down to a minimum.

If you would like to find out more about the RB12 Rug Collection you can visit our online shop, contact us here, pop by the showroom or give us a call on +44 (0) 2071 352 246 – we can’t wait to hear from you. 

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