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The ethical reason to choose the best furniture brands

Check out the RB12 Journal to see what we’re up to, interior design articles and inspiration, and to learn more about our family of brands. We discuss the conscious decision you can be making to choose quality, sustainable and ethical furniture brands over fast furniture.

Story Coffee Table, Bolia 26/07/2023

Bring the Scandinavian aesthetic to your living room | Bolia Spotlight

Scandinavian-style living rooms are an increasingly popular design choice, with their sleek, modern look that encourages relaxation and functionality. If you’re looking for the perfect way to introduce this theme to your home, Scandinavian-style furniture is the perfect choice, with its simple and clean aesthetic that easily finds its place in any room.  Characterised by light colours that open up any room, Scandinavian furniture accentuates your interior effortlessly – and its simple and clean design ensures the Scandinavian aesthetic is here to stay. At RB12, we stock a luxurious selection of... Read More

Soda Side Table, Miniforms 26/07/2023

Miniforms: Beautiful furniture that’s made to last

Miniforms have been in the furniture game since the late sixties; the company’s Italian flare has been passed down through generations. From its founder Luigi Bardini, to his sons Alessandro, Theo and Matteo, they carried on their father’s legacy of creating innovative furniture to transform your home. Elevate your living space with some Italian furniture from Miniforms; the company puts a modern spin on classic designer furniture to make a statement.  The Miniforms range of furniture will make the perfect addition to your living room. The modern, laid-back approach of... Read More

Grey modular storage furniture in a bedroom 08/06/2023

Elevate Your Space with RB12’s Bespoke Wall Mounted TV Units

A home is not just a place—it’s a statement of who you are. For those who appreciate design, every piece of furniture tells a part of your unique story. At RB12, London’s home to refined home aesthetics, we bring you a curated selection of designer wall-mounted TV units. Express Yourself with Design and Function Our wall-mounted TV units are not just elements of furniture; they’re the perfect harmony of style and purpose, brought to life by world-class manufacturers like Novamobili and Cinquanta3. From lacquered finishes to eco-wood veneers and melamines,... Read More

grey living room sofa in a lounge with a large book shelf 01/03/2022

Why is good quality furniture expensive and is it worth it?

Contents: Why is it important to invest in high-end furniture?  Why is good quality furniture expensive?  What high-end furniture should I invest in? High-end furniture at RB12. When furnishing your home, investing in high-end furniture will allow you to create your own unique space where you feel truly comfortable. The furniture landscape has changed immensely over the past few decades, and 2022 has certainly made everyone think about how they invest their money into something with longevity. Why it is important to invest in high-end furniture The furniture industry has... Read More

Gan rug in a bright beige room 01/03/2022

What is the slow living movement and does it impact luxury furniture?

Contents: How did the slow living movement start? What is slow living? What is the slow living aesthetic? Is slow living sustainable and eco-friendly? How can I incorporate slow living into my home? Slow buy and invest in sustainable luxury furniture at RB12. Slow living has been everywhere recently. Its rise has been incredibly fast for a movement all about keeping it slow.  You’re probably asking yourself the same questions as we have at RB12 about this blossoming movement. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through it all right here. So,... Read More


The furniture industry & how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected it

Although the world is beginning to step towards where we were before, unfortunately, the pandemic is still at the forefront of daily news and is affecting us all. At RB12, we understand that Covid-19 is still a huge issue that isn’t going away fast, so we wanted to take a look and delve into how the pandemic is affecting the furniture industry.  As people have felt the need to spend more and more time at home, it has never been more important to be comfortable and feel good within your... Read More


7 Sustainable Rugs for Your Eco-friendly Home

Believe it or not we’re mere weeks away from 2022, winter is upon us and the cold is starting to set in. Well, nothing helps to beat the chills more than getting nice and cosy indoors, and nothing says cosy like a lovely soft rug. Following the recent COP26 conference and as we near the end of 2021, it’s an important time to reflect on the future – and not just ours, but that of the world around us. Here at RB12 we value the importance of sustainability to the... Read More


Get ready for the RB12 Black Friday Sale with 35% Off

RB12 has something big in store for you this Black Friday. From Monday 22nd – Monday 29th November – that’s right, a whole week! We are offering a staggering 35% off armchairs and sofas from our own RB12 range, Bolia, and new suppliers SITS.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to that cosy number you’ve had your eye on, or to gift a loved one the missing piece to their interior set up – after all, Christmas is right around the corner! 35% off RB12 With... Read More