Last month the RB12 team joined over 430,000 others at the world's largest festival of furniture and design – Milan Design Week and the Salone del Mobile show. From 17 - 22 April we clocked up the miles on our pedometers, (of course pausing to sit down on as many beautiful chairs and sofas as we could!) exploring the cream of the crop of modern furniture, accessories and lighting design. It was great to catch up with some of the brands we proudly represent at RB12 and fantastic to see new products from the likes of Saba, Miniforms, Novamobili, Brokis and GAN. We can't wait to introduce you to them properly, but for the meantime, here's a round-up of our favourite pieces from an incredible show.


Designed by e-ggs for Miniforms are a trio of chairs, bubbly sisters Iola, Mula and Mariolina, all sharing a playful and sensitive nature, quintessential of the Italian brand. Iola and Mula have soft, retro lines, cushioned seats and backs, and are eager to embrace anyone who is nearby. Mariolina on the other hand is Miniforms' first polypropylene chair, so whilst her shape is similar to her sisters, her materiality creates a different aesthetic. She also loves the outdoors! All three are available in a wide range of colours and form a very charming collection.

Brokis' exhibition Light Visions showcased a range of stunning pieces of lighting design by Lucie Koldova. These included the show-stealing Puro Sparkle, as well as Ivy and Jack o'Lantern. Puro Sparkle is a suspended light with multiple glass tubes than fan-out – like rays – from its centre to create a captivating, celestial lighting object. Ivy, which takes its form from the climbing plant, and can be hung or wall mounted, has a modular design to optimise its versatility whilst Jack o'Lantern holds globes of light in geometric metal frames, and is available as a hanging light, wall mounted or table lamp.

Saba's immensely popular New York collection has been reinterpreted by Italian fashion designer, Antonio Marras, whose evocative illustrated fabrics adorn the range's armchairs and sofas. We were also introduced to Ring – a collection of coffee and side tables, whereby the glass tops were seemingly 'clutched' by their metal legs, like precious jewels in a ring. Saba also unveiled the greatly anticipated Geo armchair. With sumptuous curves and generous cushioning that hugs you as you sit, it's a beautiful addition to the popular collection by Paolo Grasselli.

Novamobili favourite, the Pontile shelving system, was showcased with its new shelf design and was on display in a warm burst of crimson to announce its expanded colour palette to everyone's delight.

We loved learning about GAN's new LAN collection by designers Neri&Hu. A modular range inspired by movable screens, LAN's soothing indigo palate pays homage to the oriental tradition of using this colour in the home, as well as to GAN's tradition in weaving, with its stitching pattern motifs. The collection encompasses sofas, cushions, rugs, screens and footstools.

We left Milan Design Week full of inspiration and are looking forward to introducing you to more beautiful furniture from our expanding RB12 family in the coming months!