RB12 Lola 3 Seater Sofa

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Lola has the kind of mid century charm that you might meet in a club down in old Soho, perfect for relaxing on with a glass of champage or cherry cola. Do we need to spell it out any more? Lola is available in a range of fixed sizes, or custom configurations built to suit your space.

Materials: FSC Certified Solid and Composite wood, Polyurethane foam.

Warranty: 5 Years

RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-BEIG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-BEIG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-BEIG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-CRAL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-CRAL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-CRAL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DBRN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DBRN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DBRN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-DGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-EMGR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-EMGR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-EMGR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRBG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRBG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRBG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GREY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GREY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GREY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRGN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRGN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-GRGN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-INDI Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-INDI Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-INDI Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-JEAN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-JEAN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-JEAN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBEG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBEG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBEG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBRN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBRN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LBRN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LCRL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LCRL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LCRL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-LGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-NATR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-NATR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-NATR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-PPNK Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-PPNK Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-PPNK Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-SNDY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-SNDY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-SNDY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-WHIT Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-WHIT Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-WHIT Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-YELL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-YELL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CLDO-CLDO-YELL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-BRGR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-BRGR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-BRGR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-CORL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-CORL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-CORL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-DRGR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-DRGR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-DRGR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-GRBG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-GRBG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-GRBG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-LGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-LGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-LGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-STEL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-STEL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-CRLA-CRLA-STEL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-BRWN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-BRWN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-BRWN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-DRBL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-DRBL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-DRBL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GRBG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GRBG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GRBG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GREN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GREN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-GREN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LBRN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LBRN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LBRN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LTRQ Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LTRQ Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-LTRQ Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-MUST Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-MUST Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-MUST Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-NATR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-NATR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-NATR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-ORNG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-ORNG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-ORNG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-SLMN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-SLMN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-SLMN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-TURQ Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-TURQ Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-TURQ Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-VTRD Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-VTRD Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-ELYT-ELYT-VTRD Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ANTR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ANTR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ANTR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-BLUE Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-BLUE Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-BLUE Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-CDBG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-CDBG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-CDBG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRGR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRGR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRGR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBL Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBL Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBL Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-DRBR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LBRN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LBRN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LBRN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-LGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-MSTD Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-MSTD Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-MSTD Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-NATR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-NATR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-NATR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ORNG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ORNG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-MOSS-MOSS-ORNG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-BEIG Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-BEIG Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-BEIG Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-DGRY Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-DGRY Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-DGRY Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-GRBR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-GRBR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-GRBR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-LBRN Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-LBRN Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-LBRN Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-NATR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-NATR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-NATR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-SLVR Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-SLVR Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-SLVR Depth 102 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-TURQ Height 85 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-TURQ Width 218 cm
RB12-LOLA-3S-TOGO-TOGO-TURQ Depth 102 cm

Most items are made to order and the lead times are quoted above. 

We know how important it is to deliver items as quickly as possible and more importantly, without damage. We also understand that many people dislike delivery charges. Unfortunately, as an independent retailer, we can’t offer free delivery on everything, but we have tried to offer some options which will ensure a professional and satisfactory delivery experience for all.


Option 1: Standard UK Mainland delivery

This option is for delivery to your kerbside, which will either be by post/courier or for bulkier items, by our delivery partner. Some items may be delivered on a pallet. We charge 7.5% of the order value as a delivery cost.

The good news is that we offer free standard delivery to all UK mainland addresses on orders above £4,000*


*Sadly, there are always exceptions. These are:

Armadillo - the delivery charge is as per below. This covers all import and custom charges, as the goods are sent from the USA. 

a. 17.5% £0 to £500

b. 15% £500.01 to £1000

c. 12.5% £1000.01 and over


* The other exception is for sale items. We are unable to offer free delivery on sale items. 

Option 2: White Glove Service

This option is for delivery to all UK Mainland addresses and is for delivery into your room of choice, as well as assembly/installation and disposal of packaging. Please contact us for a quote for such a service.

For delivery to UK Non-Mainland and outside the UK

For UK Non-Mainland customers and customers outside the UK please be aware you may incur an extra charge for delivery; please contact us before purchasing to receive a delivery quote or alternatively we will contact you to confirm the delivery charge after purchase.



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