Blasco & Vila Rc Wood Bench 125X125

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Blasco & Vila Fabric & Ash Selection

The forests trap us and serve as a refuge in the same way as an armchair with good upholstery. The Bio collection is comfort and makes us connect with nature. It also takes care of the ecosystem in the best possible way, as it contains no chemical substances.

Bio Fabric Description

The forests trap us and serve as a refuge in the same way as an armchair with good upholstery. The Bio collection is comfort and makes us connect with nature. It also takes care of the ecosystem in the best possible way, as it contains no chemical substances.


Composition 96% PES 4% PAC
Width 143cm
Coating Transparent
Weight 715gr/lm
Abrasion Resistance EN ISO 12947 1&2 / 75000 Martindale
Piling Resistance EN ISO 12945-2 Class 4, 2000 Rubs
Product Specific Properties
  • Strong Fabric
  • Suitable for both fitted and loose fitting upholstery
  • Soft and full grip
  • Washup 30 degrees
Test Yarn Dyed, Cigarette test: BS 5852 (1979)
Lightfastness EN ISO 105 B02 Light colours 5 Middle colours 5 Dark colours 5
Tensile Strength EN ISO 13934-1 Warp 1514 Newton Weft 717 Newton
Tear Strength EN ISO 13937-3 Warp 136.9 Newtons Weft 176.3 Newtons
Seam Slippage EN ISO 13936 2 Warp 2.0mm Weft 2.0mm
Fastness to rubbing EN ISO 105 X12 Class 5 Wet Class 5 Dry


Mar Fabric Description

The oceans support a great diversity of life and ecosystems necessary for the sustainability of the marine environment. Our aim is to help prevent them from deteriorating, which is why the Sea collection is made of fabrics with 98% recycled yarn. In this way we help to extend the life of the products.


Composition 98% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester / 2% Polyester
Width 140cm
Coating Transparent
Weight 420gr/lm
Abrasion Resistance

Rubs Martindale (EN ISO 12947-2) 100,000

Double Rubs Wyzenbeek (ASTM D4157-07) (Heavy Duty Upholstery)

Piling Resistance Scale 1-5, max. 5 - EN ISO 12945-2
  • BS EN 1021 1&2 Cigarette and Match
  • BS 5852 Part 1 0, 1 Cigarette & Match
  • CA TB 117-2012
  • Will also pass other flammability standards. Flame retardant performance is dependent upon the foam used.
  • Contains no flame retardant chemicals
  • Wash or dry cleaning P(W).
  • Cura is made of polyester which is a material suited for environments with special requirements for cleaning.
  • 40C shrinkage max. 1%.
  • 60C shrinkage max. 2%.
Lightfastness Scale 1-8, max. 8 - EN ISO 105-B02, 5-8
Rubbing Fastness Scale 1-5, max. 5 - EN ISO 105x12, 4-5/4-5
Acoustic test airflow resistance EN 29053 & ISO 9053-I (airflow resistance)


Sol Fabric Description

In the Mediterranean, the sun appears over the horizon as if waking up bathed by the sea. Little by little it changes from reddish tones to more pinkish ones, showing a dazzling play of colours. This is the Sol collection, selection of water-repellent fabrics, highly resistant, perfect for contract use.


Composition Faceside 100% PES
Composition Backing 90& PES - 10%CO
Width 138cm
Weight 420gr/lm
Abrasion Resistance EN ISO 12947 1&2 > 100000 Martindale
Piling Resistance EN ISO 12945-2 Class 4-5 2000 Rubs
Lightfastness EN ISO 105 B02, Light colours 4, Middle colours 4-5, Dark colours 4-5.
Rubbing Fastness EN ISO 105 X12 Class 4-5 Wet, Class 4 Dry
  • Piece dyed.
  • Damp prevented
  • Dirt prevented
  • Cigarette test: BS 5852 (1979)


Eco Fabric Description

The leather that upholsters our armchairs did not belong to any animal. At Blasco&Vila we are committed to caring for the entire ecosystem, from vegetation to animals. That is why the Eco collection does not come from animals; it is a 100% vegan substitute for natural leather


Composition Vinyl / Urathane
Width 137cm
Support Hi-Loft
Weight 650gr/m2
Finishing Treatment PermaBlok Advanced Vinyl Protection
Finishing and Treatment
  • Antibacterial Protection
  • Antifungal Protection
  • Antimycotic Protection
  • Anti-Stain Finish
  • >300,000 Martindale (EN ISO 12947:1999 Part 2).
  • Cold Break at -23C
  • Anti-Mould Coating and Backing
  • Resistance to UV radiation XENOTEST DIN 54004/NTC 1479
  • EN 71-3 (safety of toys: Migration of certain elements)
  • 2005/84/CE (phthalates in toys and childcare articles).
  • Sulphide Stain Resistant.
  • Anti-Static Finish
Flame Retardant Properties
  • EU: EN 1021 Parte 1&2
  • EN 71-2:2006+A1:2007 - Toy Safety - Part 2: Flammability.


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