Lithos Design

Luxury natural stone surfaces

Working entirely with natural stones such as limestones, sandstones and luxurious marbles, Lithos Design create luxury surfaces - including interior wall and floor coverings and exterior facades. Lithos Design products express the uniqueness of natural stone and the company are known for their innovation, 'Made in Italy' quality and contemporary designs.

Our pick: 'Complementi Luce' collection in the 'Favo Curve Luce' design - (First picture below)

Highlighting Lithos Design's innovation, we love their stone surfaces that incorporate lighting. In our showroom we have a beautiful example of this collection which is carved entirely from quality Italian marble. This design is a geometric pattern which looks like honeycomb made from a dark 'Pierre Bleue' marble. The curved element of the surface adds a dramatic curve that protrudes from the surface and leaves space for the installation of a wall light behind!