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Masiero Vollee C2G Pendant Lamp

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Designed by Masiero Design

With a curved, sail like shade, Vollee from Masiero has an elegant simplicity. The gentle shape appears both symettrical and yet has an infinite capacity for tesselation. With a variety of styles and models available, Vollee can be finished with custom colours for some added pop.

Materials: Painted Metal Frame with Built In LED Lighting

Warranty: 2 Years

MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V91 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V91 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V91 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V95 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V95 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V95 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V72 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V72 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V72 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V71 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V71 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V71 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V90 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V90 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V90 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V99 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V99 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V99 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V21 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V21 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V21 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V70 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V70 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V70 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V84 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V84 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V84 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V83 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V83 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V83 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V35 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V35 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V35 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V30 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V30 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V30 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V51 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V51 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V51 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V50 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V50 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V50 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V60 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V60 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V60 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V98 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V98 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V98 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V73 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V73 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V73 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V74 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V74 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V74 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V34 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V34 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V34 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V24 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V24 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V24 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V33 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V33 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V33 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V55 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V55 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V55 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V54 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V54 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V54 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V64 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V64 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-V64 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F01 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F01 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F01 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F04 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F04 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F04 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F03 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F03 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F03 Depth20 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F02 Height240 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F02 Width75 cm
MSRO-VOLLEE-C2G-LN65-F02 Depth20 cm

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Armadillo - the delivery charge is as per below. This covers all import and custom charges, as the goods are sent from the USA. We have to add a % of the order value to a flat rate of £9 to determine the delivery charge.

a. £9 + 20% £0 to £500

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* The other exception is for sale items. We are unable to offer free delivery on sale items. 


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