At RB12, we are home to a range of exclusive and contemporary interior brands all out of our stunning design shop in Shoreditch. We are pleased to introduce you to Lithos Design, one of the most recent suppliers to join the RB12 family...

Lithos Design began back in 2007 as the brainchild of two young brothers, Claudio and Alberto Bevilacqua. The family-run business really came into its own when joining forces with designer Raffaello Galiotto where, from him, Lithos Design found it's unique styling influence.

Working entirely with natural stones such as limestones, sandstones and marbles, Lithos Design wanted to create surfaces - including interior wall and floor coverings and exterior facades - that fully expressed the materials natural uniqueness. The trio is deeply inspired by the combination of these completely natural materials and the industrial production process it goes through to create a distinctive stone surface.

Why natural stone?

It's all in the's natural! Stone makes for a great safe and healthy panelling solution. It's naturally non-combustible, does not get electrostatically charged or encourage bacteria growth.

Stone Surfaces are a versatile material that can give both a rustic, relaxed look or a high-end, elegant feel to a space. Naturally, patterns and lines occur within stone and no two stones are ever the same. This is what gives them their distinct appeal – each one is unique.

Lithos Design works with this highly durable material, making it a sustainable choice for someone looking for longevity in a surface material.

Lithos Design surfaces are made from more porous stone options which consequently let a higher quantity of sound energy disperse into the surface, which helps its acoustic properties. The addition of the 3D textures and the innovative polyurethane backing that Lithos Design apply to their 'Drappi di Pietra' design enhances this property even further.

The Lithos Design Laboratory

Every piece that comes from the Lithos Design Laboratory goes through the same development process. The lab's manufacturing team works in collaboration with the product designer to make sure the design fits with his distinct style. The type of stone is then chosen and with the use of modern manufacturing techniques, the design is realised and made into a stunning architectural surface. Manufacturing is always approached in the most efficient way with the least material waste.

We asked Lithos to comment on their design process and they said;

"To produce our stone coverings, we introduced cutting-edge technology that creates a design that is unique but can be produced on a large scale quickly and still upholding detailed, high-quality products. Our architectural surfaces show a new way of conceiving natural stone - not only flat luxury finishes but also modular textured panels."

Lithos Design continues to research and develop their capabilities in manufacturing natural stone surfaces. One of their most recent innovations is stone slabs that are carved with intricate designs using advanced CNC machines. These advanced CNC machines have been used by Lithos Design since its birth, in 2007 and for that reason, they could create this new way of conceiving distinctive textures out of flat marble surfaces. When backlit, these carved surfaces let the light shine through to reveal the concealed patterns and layers of the natural stone.

At RB12 we currently have two stunning examples of Lithos Design's stone surfaces that incorporate lighting. You can find the Complementi Luce collection in 'Favo Curve Luce' made entirely from carved marble. The Favo design is a geometric pattern reminiscent of a beehive in a dark 'Pierre Bleue' marble. With the addition of the charming 'Curve Luce' element of the piece, a dramatic curve protrudes from the surface and leaves space for the installation of a wall light, adding depth and movement to a wall.


The other example is one perfectly timed for the arrival of winter's darker evenings and colder nights. You can also experience the glow of the Le Pietre Luminose collection in the 'Hamal' design. Just imagine a sky filled with minimalistic and abstract stars on an elegant and softly coloured 'Carrara Ghiaccio' marble. The expertly carved pattern on these back-lit marble wall panels lets glimpses of light through the stone. This creates a combination of lit lines and markings to highlight the variety of shades and the different colours of the stone.


Through RB12 you will have full access to the Lithos Design natural stone panel collection and we can assist you in making your architectural surface visions a reality.