Having trouble finding interior furniture that fits your project specifications perfectly? The only option is to go bespoke and choose a product that can be customised to fit your requirements!

Minacciolo realised back in 2012, after the launch of their Minà and Natural Skin collections at the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, that an off-the-shelf product didn't quite cut it for many of their customers. Since that moment, they've never looked back. Minacciolo has developed and actively continues to improve their bespoke and customisable product selection.


We asked Monica Parpinelli, head of export at Minacciolo about why they think it's important to offer this bespoke and custom-made product offering. She said;

"Minacciolo thinks that this proposal makes us stand out from standard, industrialised manufacturers, as we can offer something unique with our custom-made products. It is important for us to be able to offer materials that mean something to us and express our Italian roots. We hold Italian design and its traditional crafts very close to our hearts."

Being able to offer a completely personalised product (with an Italian twist, of course!) takes out the element of settling for a product that may not fit your style exactly. You may have begrudgingly chosen a product because it was the closest to what you wanted, but at RB12 we say, "That's not good enough!" and Minacciolo agree.

So, what are the elements of Minacciolo products that can be customised? Monica explained;

"Our products can be customised by personalising all the cabinets' dimensions and sizes. You can also choose the finishes for the worktops and unit fronts. Some examples of the extraordinary range of materials available are; Opus signinum (see below), metals, and stunning lava stone. With these different options available, it means that every single project results in a totally unique and customised composition."

Opus signinum, known as 'cocciopesto' in modern Italian, is made from broken up tiles which are then mixed with mortar and beaten down into a solid surface which looks stunning as a kitchen worktop. At RB12 we particularly love lava stone sourced from one of our newest suppliers Made a Mano. It evokes true Italian craftsmanship and with a mixture of modern manufacturing techniques, the stone is quarried from the bottom of lava flows at the foot of Mt. Etna and made into beautifully crafted, custom tiles.

In collaboration with RB12, Minacciolo offers clients a full turn-key service starting from the project development up to the realisation, installation and delivery of the furniture. Keeping a successful bespoke offering is helped by Minacciolo's continued research into different materials that allow them to propose individual and considered options for every single project.

With every project taking its own path, we asked Monica how their manufacturing facilities handle these customised orders.

"Each project is studied, developed and produced singularly."

Every project RB12 collaborate with Minacciolo on is carefully analysed by their design team. From there, the best solutions and materials can be chosen to represent the project's "mood" according to the clients' vision.

We went on to ask Monica if she could tell us about a recent project that has been made in a fully-customised way and what she loved about it. She told us;

"One of my favourite projects is one we completed in London. We had the chance to put our imagination, technical knowledge, Italian taste and know-how into many different rooms. The entire apartment was highly customised and furnished with Minacciolo collections - not only kitchen cabinetry but furniture and storage around the entire home.

Minacciolo provided a complete furniture solution with our Natural Skin collection as the star performer, making an appearance in every room of the residence. The surface lines and geometry throughout the space form a wonderful continuity but with different finishes being chosen (natural oak, stone and fabrics) to cover the front of the units, this added an aspect of individuality to the separate rooms.

It was a real honour to be part of the realisation of this amazing project in Battersea, a lovely area of London."

It's hard to see a downside to being able to offer such flexibility in a product collection but we had to ask whether having bespoke/customisable products could hold you back in any way. Monica assured us and said;

"Not at all! Our production department is fully adaptable according to our clients' requests. With a rich history of products and processes to look back over, these help us realise the increasing requests and demands we receive from our customers."

Minacciolo is a proud partner and family member of the RB12 shop and showroom. At RB12, we can help you create your perfect kitchen or interior space, to your own personalised taste, in-store together with our experienced and knowledgeable team.