Milan Design Week is well known to be one of the best interior product and design showcase around the world. The furniture fair is a series of design exhibitions and events and is one that the RB12 team look forward to every year. It truly heightens our love for Italian furniture and with its innovation and trendsetting contributors, who can blame us?

This year we managed to fit in a 2-day trip to Milan and visited some of our favourite suppliers to check out their latest designs, surfaces and materials. Here's part 1 of what we uncovered as some of the best bits from our trip...


Lighting the way

Masiero's stand had a beautiful range of new and improved lighting designs to see. We loved the charm of the NAPPE light fixtures that would add a touch of modern drama to a room. This design was created by Marco Zito and has a huge range of different combinations, styles and configurations to choose from.

Another of their latest collections was the SOUND light. Designer Giovanni Battista Gianola, was fascinated by the idea of being able to perceive things with more than one sense at a time - hence the contradictory name! SOUND uses rounded curves, regular shapes and bright reflective metal to bring this light to life in a range of styles - including a standing lamp, suspended lights and a table lamp. Both the NAPPE and SOUND collections can be found in our showroom, where the RB12 team can show you the stunning details and options available.

In a previous article, we looked at the exciting new material being produced by Brokis - their exciting and beautiful recycled glass, BrokisGlass. We were excited to see this innovative new material in action in Milan. It was being beautifully demonstrated in some entirely new lighting designs such as the GEOMETRIC and now even in furniture too! Check out this stunning glass side table, which we'll be getting in store soon!

Brokis have also updated some of their previous collections with new colouring options. As well as adding clear glass as a new option, Brokis have updated the CAPSULE light so that the colouring can now be added to the outside layer of glass too, which gives off a very effective look.

New additions include the AWA collection by Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, which is a large bottle shaped design in a moody, smokey grey glass. We loved the latest floor lamp IVY, which comes in three sizes featuring either opal or smoked glass. The IVY lamp is both elegant and precise to the smallest of detail and is well suited to both commercial and residential applications. Keep an eye out for this unique, nature-inspired design in store soon!

New lines, Limes New

The original LIMES sofa by Saba Italia was brought out in 2002 but a redesign has brought it into the modern world and was a key player on the Saba Italia stand this year. Designed by Sergio Bicego, the LIMES NEW sofa goes beyond the previous conventions and offers full flexibility giving the ability to move the backrests and side cushions. There is an asymmetric cut to the back cushions which provides lower back support and the softness of its goose down filling guarantees superior comfort.

Another new sofa from the same designer is the VOYAGE - given this name because of its flexibility and adventurous feel. With its slender backrests that offer elegant comfort to the multiple ways it can be configured - two sofas, one sofa or even a chaise lounge formation. You can also choose between methacrylate or black nickel finished metal feet.

The GEO collection has also had an update with the addition of the BABY GEO. This armchair is an extended version of the namesake pouffe from the collection. The pouffe has been given the structure of a curved back piece with generous proportions. The 75cm GEO pouffes can accommodate this new backrest feature easily at any time - A great new addition in our eyes!

Contract Focus

We noticed al lean towards the contract market at Milan this year, with a lot of companies realising that the lines between hospitality, residential and commercial interiors are blending together. Saba Italia has brought out the PHILO armchair and sofa, which has an inviting metallic frame that delicately supports the upholstered surfaces. This simple and honest design is full of character and was drawing in a fair few eyes at the exhibition.

The OLA armchair was another highlight of the Saba stand, again suitable for the contract market. With its low seating position, this design is a beautiful crossover between a dining chair and a lounge chair. The armed version consists of four curved upholstered panels, which can become two to form the armless variation. Another new design was RENDEZ-VOUS. This sofa offers complete flexibility in terms of configurations, with elements such as the cushions and armrests, that can be moved around on the painted metal base to fit whatever the user wants.

With flexibility in mind, Saba has also extended its fabric options and at RB12 we now have no restriction to which of their materials we can use. With the addition of new underliners, their full collection is now suitable and in line with UK standards.

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