At RB12 we pride ourselves in being able to provide a very flexible and agile offering with our selected family of collections. Our chosen brands sit somewhere along the scale between crafted, artisanal pieces and contemporary mass-manufactured interior products.

We curate and offer a great variety of interior pieces, leaving you the opportunity to adapt and customise them to suit your own individual style and tastes. Having the ability to offer flexibility and more choice allows for a more considered design approach. An interior always looks more complete and thought-through when the pieces fit perfectly, not only in terms of size and space but also in the materials and finishes chosen.

Most commonly the elements that can be customised are the finish or sizing of a product, however, in some instances, the function of a product can be flexible too! For example, you may use a storage solution as a seating alternative or tailor-made joinery to link an open plan living-room/kitchen.

The only limitation that we see to the ability to make bespoke products is the technical abilities of the manufacturer - If something isn't technically feasible, then naturally that's the limit.

With Minacciolo you can design floor to ceiling joinery, but the taller the unit the more complex the structure and you will eventually find technical restrictions. Another example is the cutting of stone. Lithos Design has patented a 3D cutting machine, which allows fairly complex patterns and shapes, some with deep cuts into the stone allowing it to be back-lit. If the pattern becomes too complex with too many crossing points and fine detail, then it may become technically infeasible.

At RB12, we can work with you to avoid the disappointment of reaching limits. Our team will make it possible to achieve a customised solution that works for you, without anything becoming too technically difficult.

3 reasons we love being able to offer customisable and bespoke products

1. Own furniture that is as unique and individual as you are. Never end up with the same off-the-shelf furniture that everyone else has!

2. You can choose the materials that fit with your style and taste but also any that fit your specific personal needs. For example, if someone in your home suffers from asthma you can use Matteo Brioni raw earth surfaces that have naturally occurring properties that are proven to help with respiratory health.

3. Go green! As well as being able to pick the most eco-friendly material options, choosing a customised or bespoke item takes away the throw-away element of your household products. You may even want to pass your own creation on to be treasured by your family for generations to come.

RB12's recent projects

In these short case studies, RB12 worked alongside the developers and interior designers involved.

Streatham, South East London

We recently completed a residential project where we used a range of tailor-made products from our collections. The kitchen by Minacciolo was a bespoke unit where we chose a brass worktop, which was a new material for the manufacturer at the time. Furthermore, we chose to give access to the pantry by creating a hidden doorway through the tall kitchen units. The 'Pontile' bookcase by Novamobili was selected and built to fit into an alcove, which included a corner unit. It is a modular system, which allows you to play with the layout to fit your space.

Ransome Dock, South West London

For this apartment project, we developed the kitchen, joinery and panelling with Minacciolo. We were able to use two new materials for the kitchen; recycled paper and raw sandstone, for our clients who were looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable finish. In addition to that, we were able to completely customise the heights of the joinery and panelling to fit the spaces perfectly. We then developed a standalone and completely unique room divider, which housed a bioethanol fire, corner bar and hidden television. For an artisanal touch, a crocheted fabric was used for the finish. The bathrooms by REXA Design were furnished with customised cabinetry to fit the very awkward spaces.

Discover some of our most flexible brands

Nidi is a manufacturer of contemporary modular bedroom furniture and joinery specially made for kids and teens. Their ethos is that a kids bedroom should transform, accompanying that child through each stage of life at home. With a huge selection of finishes, fabrics and handles to choose from, choosing Nidi bedroom furniture opens you up to an entirely personal design approach.

REXA Design thought it very important to take the logical step towards offering products that can be modified or even re-designed. After years of and continuing research into different materials such a Corian, this has led to their bathroom products being highly adaptable to suit any space.

A new addition to the RB12 family is the beautiful Scandi furniture from Bolia. With no warehouses and no stocked furniture, everything from them is custom and made-to-order. You can combine designs, sizes, colours and materials - it's all completely up to you!

Having trouble finding the perfect piece for your interior? Get in touch and explain your individual needs with us and with our knowledge and expertise we can bring your vision to life with our customisable collection of contemporary products. We want to work with you, whether that be creating a completely bespoke product or tweaking and modifying an existing piece.