When creating the perfect child's bedroom, it can be exhausting trying to keep up with your kids' ever-changing tastes. It's also expensive to keep updating and changing the decor, so in this journal entry, we are looking at how to create a child's bedroom that grows along with your child, from the nursery stage to a studying teenager.

2 top tips to remember when designing a kids' bedroom

1. Give your kids an opportunity to express themselves – their bedroom is their sanctuary within the house and their room should be a space where they can let their imaginations run wild, whatever age they are.

2. The furniture pieces should stand the test of time – as well as choosing quality pieces that can take a bit of a bashing, selecting a timeless style that can take your child through the many stages of their life can help avoid having to re-purchase expensive bedroom furniture.

As part of our family of collections here at RB12, we have Nidi Design, who specialise in designing furniture and spaces for children and teens. We wanted to tap into their expertise and give you an insight into what it takes to create a bedroom that transforms as your child does...

"With our bespoke designs and vast colour options, we aim to create children's bedrooms that are built around the occupants - A personal world that is great for playing, sleeping, studying and growing."
- Nidi Design

Nidi pictures the bedroom as a story: a story punctuated by accessories, wallpapers, fabrics, stickers and elements that add character and make the room personal, warm and welcoming. It's easy to inject personality into a bedroom through the choice of furniture. As well as beds, Nidi can provide completely bespoke and fully customisable furniture solutions for your kid's bedroom in a multitude of finishes and colours.

Nidi have recently launched the Woody Collection which is one of their most design-led furniture series. The woody wardrobe pictured below is a favourite because it highlights the real "spirit" of what Nidi is all about - Colourful, practical and flexible.

Storage is so important for a growing child's room, being able to hide away games and toys and then later books and more personal belongings is key. Help transition the bedroom along with your child by picking multi-functional furniture. Think outside the box with how pieces can be used for multiple things. For example, instead of purchasing a standard baby changing table, you could choose a desk or dresser that a changing mat could be placed on. This way, during infancy, you can use the changing table and as your child grows they have a study space too!

Bedroom accessories are another great way to inject some personality into your kids' bedroom. Cushions, lights, rugs and wall stickers can be the elements of the room that are easily changeable just like your child's' inevitable changing interests.

GAN has a huge range of rugs and pouffes which are colourful enough to get a younger child excited but still have the class to be used well into those teenage years. Brokis have a range of lights called Memory that is shaped like balloons which could give a child's bedroom a cute, whimsical feel.

Make a statement with your choice of wall covering with LondonArt wallpapers. They have created a wallpaper line entirely dedicated to children. With completely non-toxic colours and top-quality fibres, their wallcoverings depict kids' all-time favourite graphics that can be used for decorating bedrooms, dens, playrooms and studies alike.

All the brands and collections mentioned here are available to explore with the RB12 team. To talk through your child's bedroom ideas or any other project you're thinking about, pop by and see us.