How to choose a dining room set 

Whether you're a 'host with the most' or just a grab-and-go kind of eater - or maybe you're somewhere in between - eating comfortably, in the right environment is important to us all. So, selecting a dining room set, including a dining table and chair should be a priority in any home.

We see food and eating as a key part of life and should be incorporated into the interior design of your home. At RB12, dining is an element of life that we hold dear to our hearts, with our curated selection of dining collections from Maami Home, Miniforms and Novamobili.

Types of dining room furniture

The addition of a perfectly-proportioned dining table to a dining space, can be made complete with a selection of complimentary dining chairs. Marble dining tables can provide an elegantly grand feel. We have a beautiful selection of Maami Home natural-stone dining tables which seamlessly blend state-of-the-art design with experienced artisanal techniques.

If you are after a more understated dining space, you could consider the dining chairs and tables from Italian furniture manufacturers Miniforms. Their contemporary dining chairs and tables are a testament to their passion for wooden furniture and sleek design.

Italian furniture has a reputation for quality and that doesn't stop with Novamobili. Their dining chairs and tables are considered some of the best quality dining furniture, available in a variety of woods and lacquers. If you are creating an alfresco dining space, you may want to check out Petite Friture's outdoor dining furniture options. High quality metal dining sets give a striking look in both residential and commercial environments.

For a stylish and minimalist style, you could consider a dining room set from Lapalma. They have a wonderful selection of high stools which are perfect for creating a kitchen bar, kitchen island or breakfast bar space. Saba Italia have a huge range of material options for dining chairs including wooden, metal, leather and fabric, giving you ultimate design flexibility.

For more tips on creating a sophisticated dining space, you can read RB12's journal entry on the subject here. You can contact us via email, give us a call on +44 (0) 207 1352246 or visit our showroom and design shop in Shoreditch, London.

A dining space is a versatile thing. They can be a casual space that's used daily or an entire room dedicated to formal dining, maybe even reserved for special occasions. There's certainly more to a dining space than just providing a table and chairs. In this article, we explore the different elements that come together to create a welcoming and sophisticated dining space and experience.


Is everyone sitting comfortably? Although there are many factors that need to come together to create a great dining space, we couldn't really start anywhere but with the dining table and chairs. With any interior scheme, you have to start by thinking about the room's basic function and how you can best cater to this.

When choosing a dining table and chairs, be sure to select furniture that respects the scale of your space. You want it small enough to create an intimate atmosphere but still large enough for comfort and helping your dinner guests feel at ease.

On display in our design shop and showroom is the 'Torii' table and 'Rose' chairs by Novamobili, which is a fine example of a contemporary dining room set up. The table can be made in a variety of finishes including; matte lacquer, veneer and a stunning marble, which is the version on display in store. The Rose chairs make for an ideal partner to this table, matching its scale and lines perfectly. These chairs are hand finished and can be upholstered in fabric or a traditional straw finish, our favourite.

Although described as an armchair, Saba Italia has recently launched Isabelle - a simple and refined chair which we think would be perfect for a relaxed and comfortable dining experience. The polished brass legs give off a stylish and contemporary feel and also fit wonderfully with the 'New Metallics' trend we looked at earlier this month. We can't wait to get this design through our doors!


Dinner service

Next, let's set the table. A meal could really be tarnished by a bad table setting and it can even affect how well your food is digested! A clean, appropriate and matching dinner service is key to the enjoyment of a meal. A meal is even best digested with fewer disturbances, so the more prepared your table set is the less you'll have to abandon your guests for those forgotten items!

Silverware should be positioned properly around your plates and complimentary glasses should be put out. Lay the table with linens from La Fabbrica del Lino for a beautiful, sleek table top and KN Industrie offers an elegant and practical answer to cutlery and glasses - both available to view in store.

Here at RB12, we have a selection of hand-crafted ceramic tableware created by Rina Menardi - part of the RB12 family. These pieces would make for a truly stunning and unique dining statement.


The next step in creating a sophisticated dining space is lighting. Creating the right ambience is so important when entertaining and eating alike. It's important to use architectural lighting to brighten the room but always remember to have focused lighting onto the table itself.

At RB12 we have 2 lighting manufacturers as part of our family. Firstly, Brokis a Czech glass lighting specialist who produce a number of contemporary lighting options perfect for use in a dining space. We love their 'Knot' light for giving a lovely atmosphere and 'Puro' to highlight the table with spotlighting - both available in store now.

RB12 also stock lighting options from Selene Illuminazione who create their designs first and foremost with form and function in mind. Their latest unique design 'Guazza' is a great table or floor lamp option if you are trying to create an elegant dining space.


Other features


Now we need something to put those table lights on and store your tableware away! Having storage and an extra surface that isn't the main dining table, is an element which could be easily forgotten, but the addition gives flexibility to the room. How about a stylish side table from Maami Home? Currently in store, we have a stunning example of the 'GRAMMI' sideboard. With a minimalistic design and a countertop of marble subtly combined with warm wood, this unique piece of furniture would be a great addition to any dining room.