At RB12, we are glad to be home to beautiful ranges of contemporary hand blown glass lights by Brokis. You may have seen or heard of this premium Czech lighting brand before, having achieved international acclaim and won numerous awards in prestigious design competitions around the world. They intend to wow again at this years Euroluce, as part of Salone del Mobile, Milano - which is one of the most established international lighting exhibitions, presenting the latest innovative solutions in the lighting field for interiors and exteriors.

A new dimension in glass

Brokis have been in the studio, developing a new material called 'BrokisGlass' which is composed of the waste glass pieces from their existing production process. This waste product is then reworked into sheets that can be used for new lighting pieces and other new projects. We have already seen this material used successfully in the beautiful Macaron light and now Brokis are developing further products and ideas of how to use this great material in their lighting.

This material makes for a win-win situation. As well as being able to offer a material as unique as Brokis lighting designs, they are also reusing a waste product helping keep their production process as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Using this leftover glass extends a real positive relationship with the environment which is one of Brokis's top priorities as a company. Last month we took a look at how some of our other brands are doing their bit for the planet - take a peek here!

Production process

Being made from the recycled glass shards, this innovative new material offers a new dimension and aesthetic to glass. The technology to create these recycled glass panels was developed by the artisans in the Czech Republic, where glass components are already hand blown for Brokis, by Janštejn Glassworks. Take a look at one of our previous journal entries, where we take a brief look at the history of the art of glassblowing, learn more here.

So, how is this special variation of glass actually made? Firstly, glass shards are taken from one of the used moulds and crushed to the required size. These shards are then compressed and reshaped through controlled thermal exposure into a compacted material - a process which also gives the material special properties.

The finished product is a large decorative glass-crystalline panel with unique properties comparable to building materials such as stone, ceramic, and synthetic composites.

Properties & Characteristics

BrokisGlass comes out in a flat panel format which has minimal absorption, so is highly resistant to water and even aggressive chemicals, making it easy to clean too. The material is extremely durable, creating a 100% safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable product which is a great addition to a 'circular economy'. This new business approach is in contrast to the traditional 'linear economy', which has a 'take, make, dispose' model of production - a process we should all be conscious to avoid.


There is almost limitless possibilities when it comes to colour choices with BrokisGlass. Thanks to the original formulas and techniques used by the artisans at Janštejn that are already in place, all the current colour variations are still available for this distinctive material. It is also possible for customers to request specific colour combinations for a fully custom-made product.

The final appearance of the glass is determined by a few different elements. Firstly the size of the shards, then the intensity of their colouration and finally their random placement within the panels - Being completely handcrafted means each one is beautifully unique.

BrokisGlass can be curved within a limited radius but offers a wide variety of possible finishes from a smooth, glossy surface to a flat matte finish. Edges can be left rough, polished down or bevelled in the finishing process known as deburring. Shapes and designs can be cut out of the material using high-powered water jets and the opacity can be altered using sandblasting. As you can see, the design possibilities are almost endless...

Euroluce 2019

As a supplier of this wonderful brand, RB12 usually get a sneak-peek at what they've got in store for Euroluce, however this year it's a little more under wraps and all we've heard so far is...

"We're proud to have secured a unique exhibit space for this year's presentation covering 200m2, which we're lighting up with popular Brokis collections as well as some new ones! You've got a real lighting spectacular to look forward to." - Brokis

We're excited, and hope you are too. You can find Brokis at 2019's Euroluce lighting expo, 9-14 April at the Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan).

Come by and discover the Brokis collections we have on display at the RB12 Design Space & Shop, give us a call on +44 (0) 207 1352246 or drop us an email for more information.