It's a well-known fact that the lines between residential and commercial interiors are now a blur. Even though commercial and contract spaces - such as hotels, restaurants and offices - are used just as much, or even more so than our homes, in the past, these spaces were rarely built with the user's wellbeing in mind. And with the heightened interest in incorporating design elements supporting this idea, it is important to use furniture designed in a human-centred way, built to make people comfortable and happy.


Take the new armchair collections from Saba Italia for example. The new Ola was designed with a simple purpose, to welcome its users with open arms (or no arms for the stackable, armless version!). The armchair is made up of four padded panels offering extreme comfort and its bold, metal frame adds a lovely contrast to the fully removable seat covers. These covers have very well concealed fastenings so to not ruin the aesthetic of the design and mean that you can wash or change the look of this chair with ease.

The second of the new designs launched by Saba Italia this year is the Baby Geo. This Geo collection, which launched last year included a sofa, armchair and pouffe which has now been enhanced by a new element. The Geo pouffe now has the added extra of a backrest that can be added to the generously sized, rounded base cushion - and so was born the Baby Geo. This piece could be the protagonist of any space, with its bold gem-like appearance. The metal structure that the 75cm pouffe cushion sits on, can accommodate the curved backrest which is easily attachable at any time.

The Philo armchair gets its name from the ancient greeks and it means a love and empathy towards people. The armchair and sofa have a curvaceous and welcoming silhouette that hugs to its metallic structure. The design is harmonious yet agile and gives off an elegant style suitable for homes, offices and general relaxing meeting places. The Philo is available in an armchair or a two to three seater sofa option, so would fit into a huge range of contemporary spaces.


Saba Italia has also created a sofa design known as the Rendez-vous, which is meant for both the home environment and public spaces. This design offers maximum flexibility in configurations but with as few elements as possible to keep things simple. It all starts with a contemporary metallic painted structure, on which various cushioned elements can be fixed, angled and moved to the user's preferences - an ergonomic dream and a delight for your body and eyes too.

The Voyage sofa offers clean lines and full flexibility as well. With a huge choice in upholstery options, this sofa lends the opportunity to give your space some real character. This contemporary sofa can be re-assembled in lots of different configurations simply, adapting to many different schemes and scenarios. With its slender backrests, Voyage gives the utmost comfort without bulky cushions. This means that the design can keep its slender and elegant aesthetic. Configurations can range from a chaise-lounge formation, a corner arrangement or even split into two sofas - the possibilities are almost endless. There is also a flexibility to the metal feet for this design, with either a methacrylate or black nickel finish.

A sofa you may have seen before from Saba Italia is the 2002 Limes sofa that has got a restyling this year and is now known as the Limes New. By simply moving the backrests, designer Sergio Bicego has created something entirely different. The asymmetric cut to the back of the cushions is a stunning technical detail that actually improves the support given to the users lower back. After extensive research, new materials now allow superior comfort with the use of a luxury goose down filling. The volume of the cushions has also been assessed and this has led to a more slim, contemporary aesthetic and new cylindrical armrests that are a nod to Saba's classic Italian heritage.