The Inkiostro Bianco tagline is: creative thinking, and because creativity is so important to the RB12 team, the company were a perfect fit for our Shoreditch based showroom.

Wallpapers are one of the best ways to inject personality into your space and are a highly effective way to change the look and feel of a room with ease. If you think about it, the decoration of any interior is the main element that gives the space its character, so wallcoverings are a way to express your style and design identity. No other decorating product offers so much color, design and coverage to suit any mood, taste and need like wallpaper does. So, if you've moved into a house or redesigning a space that has all the personality of a plain white box, try Inkiostro Bianco wallcoverings! With more that 400 eclectic graphic designs, they have a huge range of contemporary designer wallpaper collections to choose from.

Types of wallpapers

Vinyl Wallpapers

One of the most common types of wallcoverings is Vinyl Wallpaper which is a classic solution for wall surfaces and ceilings. This material guarantees the highest quality print resolution for even the largest of surfaces and as well as being toxin free and odourless, they are fire resistant and easy to hang. Another benefit of vinyl wallpaper is that they can be lightly washed with water and neutral soaps, meaning that this option is even suitable in heavily used spaces - so busy family homes needn't worry!

Inkiostro Bianco even have some beautiful wallcoverings that subtly incorporate gold leaf and gold vinyl into the designs for an exquisite and elegant touch. Take a look at the stunning 'Ginko' design below.

Fibreglass Wallpapers

The next type of wallpaper that Inkiostro Bianco offer is their EQ•Dekor® Wallpapers which are a revolutionary fiberglass wallcovering created in collaboration with Mapei - a leading name in protective building materials.

This type of covering is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, spas, wellness centers or even flooring! The fiberglass fabric was created to have both decorative and protective functionality and offers increased efficiency and flexibility compared to other traditional wallpapers. These wallpapers are great for areas prone to splashes or even exterior spaces as they are highly resistant to chemical agents, UV rays and abrasion.

Taffeta Wallpapers

For applications in commercial spaces Inkiostro Bianco also offer their new decorative Taffeta fabric wallcovering TELA®. This is a 'Made in Italy' stretched polyester fabric that has extremely high durability, perfect for heavy traffic spaces thanks to its 110 thread per inch weave composition.

This unique and versatile covering offers endless possibilities for personal customisation, since any artwork can be printed using Inkiostro Bianco's digital printing technology. As well as complying with strict European health and environmental standards (as all Inkiostro Bianco wallcoverings do), TELA® can be used alongside soundproofing and insulating elements to increase its comfort and safety.

Engraved Wooden Surfaces

A unique and highly impactful covering available is UNDICI®, which is a laser-engraved wooden parquet surface. This surface can be used as flooring or as a wall covering giving a high-quality wood finish. As well as being fireproof and highly resistant to wear, the wooden raw material is sustainably sourced and free from any toxic substances that can be harmful to your health and the environment.

The possibilities and the graphic combinations are almost infinite and the fusion between natural wood and engraved wood often creates unexpected yet beautiful effects.

Wallcoverings are a timeless decorating product. As new styles and trends emerge, Inkiostro Bianco designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices, releasing new designs every year. With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, wallcoverings help you express your personality and style - from contemporary to eclectic!

Get in touch today and we can help you accomplish the perfect decorative wallpaper or surface for your space - whether that be to brighten a dark room, add character or frame your rooms best features. Come by and see us at the RB12 Design Space & Shop, give us a call on +44 (0) 207 1352246 or drop us an email at for more information.