At RB12 we love surfaces. We believe that selecting different surface textures and materials within any interior, helps to differentiate between your furnishings, reflect light for varying effects and can also influence the scale and style of your space. With all the buzz around this years Surface Design Show, we've been inspired to share with you our top 10 most impressive surfaces for you to discover at the RB12 Design Shop.

1. 'Eccellenze Italiane' by Corà parquet collection

This wooden parquet flooring collection has 14 different colour options to choose from. You can produce a wide selection of different combinations to create a high-quality, stylish wooden floor for your space. This solid wood floor covering has a unique brushed finish that gives the wood its life and uniqueness.

Corà have nearly 100 years experience as manufacturers of wooden wall and floor coverings. Their products exude a feeling of harmony with nature with the use of this natural, recyclable and sustainable material. Corà's collection of wooden floor and wall coverings and veneers were on show at this years Surface Design Show, which ran from 5-7 February 2019.

2. 'Perspectives' By Botteganove

Designed by Angelo Spagnolo this stunning ceramic tile collection was created to challenge the idea of a "standard" wall mosaic using asymmetric lines to add a sense of movement. The tiles are given a tactile enamel finish to soften this lively pattern of contemporary square tiles.

This collection of artisanal ceramic tiles would work perfectly to modernise your bathroom or kitchen backsplash in an elegant and contemporary way.

3. 'Mizar' by Lithos Design

These backlit solid marble tiles are a stunning wall cladding solution. Through intricate CNC carving, built-in LED lights shine through the opaque areas making for an elegant and light emitting feature wall. This particular design is reminiscent of a comet's light trail soaring across the night sky and is available in 4 different marble stone finishes.


4. 'Novecento' by Made a Mano

For unique tiles made from natural lava stone from the base of Mount. Etna, take a peek at the amazing wall and floor tiles by Made a Mano! We particularly love this collection as it takes it inspiration from traditional Sicilian tiling, with its elegant decorative glaze and high durability this tile can be used in many different environments including kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

5. 'FUGA' by Matteo Brioni

This raw earth, clay flooring is an innovative flooring solution that uses a common pavement design combined with natural copper. The lines are not continuous and uniform as you would expect from a standard pavement and there is a fluidity to the design made apparent by the copper and raw material's ability to naturally change beautifully over time.

Raw earth as a material has been used for centuries and has a multitude of benefits and interesting properties. Discover more about Matteo Brioni and the amazing properties for raw earth surfaces.

6. Natural Beauty Collection by Inkiostro Bianco

The latest collection to come from Inkiostro Bianco is inspired by the natural world around us with 12 designs to choose from. It's too easy these days to forget to dedicate attention and time to natural wonders so this collection is a great way to incorporate this into your interior design scheme.

Pictured is the 'Understory' design from this collection. We love it because it reminds us of peeling back layers of wallpaper and uncovering the history of your room. This exotic yet contemporary design is available in 2 different colour palettes.

7. 'Metafisico' By Ornamenta

This calacatta white gold marble surface has all the elegance expected of marble, with a new lease of relaxed intimacy. This surface has a slight pink colour accent which makes it stand out from other marbles, with its reminiscence to natural mother of pearl!

This collection is available in slabs of 60x120 for a rectangular option or 120x120 for large square slabs, for your wall or floor covering. You can even put glass brass or copper strips between the tiles for an exquisitely luxurious effect.

8. 'Pigmenti' By Gypsum Arte

Beautiful, unique and colourful is the way we would describe surfaces from Gypsum Arte. The Pigmenti collection is an 'evolved' version of concrete innovated to create a delicate, velvet like tile - a stark contrast to brutalist concrete.

There are many shapes and sizes you can choose from for this collection and they are even suitable and durable enough for outdoor use as they are super resistant and all come pre-sealed. These tiles are the ultimate solution for someone looking for a more decorative material whilst preserving all of concrete's functionality.

9. 'Capsule' collection By London Art

The latest wallpaper collection to come from London Art is the 'Capsule' collection. It's a range of quality, contemporary wallcoverings that are vibrant, moody and elegant all at the same time.

One of our favourites from the collection is FARH DIBA (pictured here), which was designed by esteemed designer Ferruccio Laviani. This design conjures up images of a historically used marbling effect, traditionally used for binding books.

10. 'Giardino delle Delizie' By Fornace Brioni

This collection of artisanal cotto tiles for walls and floors are designed by designer Cristina Celestino. With the inspiration for this collection being taken from Italian Renaissance gardens, they are made to excite and amaze. The tiles are made from organic materials that offer a visually tactile effect.

We love this collection because you can be as flexible with your design decisions as you like. The individual glazed tiles can be put together to create sophisticated geometric designs, so no need to stick to a pre-set pattern.

You can find and discover more contemporary surfaces from these brands and more at the RB12 design shop. Come by and visit, give us a call on +44 (0) 207 1352246 or drop us an email for more information.