Innovative and colourful gypsum solutions

Gypsum are passionate about colour and texture when it comes to their extensive range of gypsum products. For indoor and outdoor, for large surfaces or small, Gypsum Arte have beautiful, unique solutions for every project.

Our pick: Open tiles (first picure below) -  Open is a concrete tile collection intended to create a harmonious relationship between the geometry of the tiles and the use of the colour (concrete and grout). Gypsum have worked on the junction lines, tilting them in a way that the tiles seem to move, like the bricks of an old wall, imperfect and marked by the passing of time. The triangular fractures break the surface and each element seems to lean against one another, in a delicate balance. Open is available in two sizes that adapt to spaces of different dimensions and that can be placed next to each other, in a proportion of 1 to 2. The collection is suitable for both public and private spaces, indoors and outdoors.