Rina Menardi Oblo vase

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Handmade ceramic decorative vase which comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Rina Menardi's collections are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship, where chromatism, aesthetics and functionality converge in a synthesis of intuitions coming from everyday life and events, creating atmospheres that inspire serenity and pleasure.

Please find colour variations in the downloads. If you have selected 'other', we will contact you to specify your choice of colour.

OBLO-12-WHI Height23 cm
OBLO-12-WHI Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-BLCK Height23 cm
OBLO-12-BLCK Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-BRNZ Height23 cm
OBLO-12-BRNZ Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-BRN Height23 cm
OBLO-12-BRN Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-NUD Height23 cm
OBLO-12-NUD Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-LIN Height23 cm
OBLO-12-LIN Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-GHRA Height23 cm
OBLO-12-GHRA Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-TRTD Height23 cm
OBLO-12-TRTD Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-DRBR Height23 cm
OBLO-12-DRBR Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-DRTUR Height23 cm
OBLO-12-DRTUR Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-12-OBLO Height23 cm
OBLO-12-OBLO Diameterø 12 cm
OBLO-14-WHI Height31 cm
OBLO-14-WHI Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-BLCK Height31 cm
OBLO-14-BLCK Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-BRNZ Height31 cm
OBLO-14-BRNZ Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-BRN Height31 cm
OBLO-14-BRN Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-NUD Height31 cm
OBLO-14-NUD Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-LIN Height31 cm
OBLO-14-LIN Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-GHRA Height31 cm
OBLO-14-GHRA Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-TRTD Height31 cm
OBLO-14-TRTD Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-DRBR Height31 cm
OBLO-14-DRBR Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-DRTUR Height31 cm
OBLO-14-DRTUR Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-14-OBLO Height31 cm
OBLO-14-OBLO Diameterø 14 cm
OBLO-18-WHI Height42 cm
OBLO-18-WHI Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-BLCK Height42 cm
OBLO-18-BLCK Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-BRNZ Height42 cm
OBLO-18-BRNZ Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-BRN Height42 cm
OBLO-18-BRN Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-NUD Height42 cm
OBLO-18-NUD Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-LIN Height42 cm
OBLO-18-LIN Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-GHRA Height42 cm
OBLO-18-GHRA Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-TRTD Height42 cm
OBLO-18-TRTD Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-DRBR Height42 cm
OBLO-18-DRBR Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-DRTUR Height42 cm
OBLO-18-DRTUR Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-18-OBLO Height42 cm
OBLO-18-OBLO Diameterø 18 cm
OBLO-27-WHI Height57 cm
OBLO-27-WHI Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-BLCK Height57 cm
OBLO-27-BLCK Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-BRNZ Height57 cm
OBLO-27-BRNZ Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-BRN Height57 cm
OBLO-27-BRN Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-NUD Height57 cm
OBLO-27-NUD Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-LIN Height57 cm
OBLO-27-LIN Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-GHRA Height57 cm
OBLO-27-GHRA Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-TRTD Height57 cm
OBLO-27-TRTD Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-DRBR Height57 cm
OBLO-27-DRBR Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-DRTUR Height57 cm
OBLO-27-DRTUR Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-27-OBLO Height57 cm
OBLO-27-OBLO Diameterø 27 cm
OBLO-12-WHI MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-BLCK MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-BRNZ MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-BRN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-NUD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-LIN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-GHRA MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-TRTD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-DRBR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-DRTUR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-12-OBLO MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-WHI MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-BLCK MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-BRNZ MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-BRN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-NUD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-LIN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-GHRA MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-TRTD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-DRBR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-DRTUR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-14-OBLO MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-WHI MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-BLCK MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-BRNZ MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-BRN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-NUD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-LIN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-GHRA MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-TRTD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-DRBR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-DRTUR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-18-OBLO MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-WHI MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-BLCK MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-BRNZ MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-BRN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-NUD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-LIN MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-GHRA MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-TRTD MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-DRBR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-DRTUR MaterialsCeramic
OBLO-27-OBLO MaterialsCeramic

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